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Top 63 Grizzly's Quotes

#1. Tucker: "Today we ran into a mama grizzly with two cubs at the ridge off Colter Bay and Clara sang to it to make it go away."
Mrs. Avery: You sang to it?
Tucker: Her singing is that bad. - Author: Cynthia Hand
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#2. Take it from me, if you are in an open space with no weapons and a grizzly comes for you, run. You may as well. If nothing else, it will give you something to do with the last seven seconds of your life. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#3. One thing more dangerous than getting between a grizzly sow and her cub is getting between a businessman and a dollar bill. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#4. Do you know how we tell the difference between black bear and grizzly bear scat back in Wyoming? Black bear droppings have berries and the Grizzly bear droppings contain little bells and smell like pepper. - Author: Victoria Vane
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#5. I'm supportive of women, absolutely, and it's so gratifying to have girls come up and say, 'I'm really inspired by your guitar playing.' I mean no disrespect to the sisterhood, but musically I feel more drawn to things like Dirty Projectors, the National and Grizzly Bear. - Author: St. Vincent
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#6. The MRI has a repertoire of noises that resemble, in no particular order: a game-show buzzer for a wrong answer, urgent knocking, a modem from 1992, a grizzly-bear growl, and a man with a raspy voice shouting what sounds like "mother cooler! - Author: A. J. Jacobs
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#7. Why go to Antarctica, why do a film like 'Grizzly Man'? It's the sheer joy of storytelling - it's the urge. - Author: Werner Herzog
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#8. She leaned into me, and I could feel her hot breath against my ear. 'I want you to eat me,' she whispered. 'I want you to eat me like you're an angry Alaskan grizzly and I'm Timothy Treadwell. - Author: Phillip Andrew Bennett Low
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#9. Fact: More people are killed each year by teddy bears than by grizzly bears. - Author: Laura Lee
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#10. Bring it, grizzly. Show me what you've got. - Author: Kathy Lyons
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#11. Mitch waved his hand in front of his nose. "Christ almighty! What is that funk on you?"

Gwen smirked. "Eau de Grizzly. - Author: Shelly Laurenston
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#12. To Colin, tampons were a little bit like grizzly bears; he was aware of their existence, but he 'd never seen one in the wild, and didn't really care to. - Author: John Green
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#13. To act with a tennis ball and imagine it's a tentacle, or if you're in some kind of wilderness film and you go, 'Okay, we can't have a grizzly bear here, but imagine when you step over the rock there there's a grizzly bear.' I don't know. They're tough moments. - Author: Joel Edgerton
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#14. Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home." I snapped the phone shut and placed it in her waiting hand. "I'm done. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#15. I saw Grizzly Man; I know what can happen. - Author: Julia Kent
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#16. Fozzie Bear has so many bear puns in this script - like, 'Trac is grizzly!' 'This is unbearable!' It's the greatest. - Author: Jason Segel
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#17. When I was a boy, I read a terrible article in a big weekly American magazine called the 'Saturday Evening Post.' In the middle of this family magazine on my parent's coffee table was an article about this family that was camping, and they were all mauled by a grizzly bear in their sleeping bags. - Author: Robert Englund
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#18. The band Grizzly Bear, I think they're excellent. There's a beauty and a musicality there that I wish would have been in vogue in the late '80s, when I was forming bands. - Author: Trent Reznor
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#19. I once asked my father for a dollar for the school picnic. He told me how he once killed a grizzly bear with his loose-leaf notebook. - Author: Bill Cosby
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#20. That kid's got an arm like Uncle Fester at an exhibition of Pre-Colombian ... um, Christ, I lost it. I was going for something thick. So what's with the beard, Grizzly Fouts? - Author: Dennis Miller
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#21. Over Kyle's shoulder she could see grandpa, looking like a cross between a grizzly bear and a giant pissed-off blowfish. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#22. A conversation with Mabh was like playing tag with a grizzly bear. - Author: Lesley Livingston
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#23. Bad enough that getting turned on when he had nothing more than a bath towel to hide it would make the condition kind of hard to miss, but getting turned on in front of his ex-fiancee was akin to smearing honey on his junk and walking into grizzly territory. - Author: Heidi Betts
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#24. There were all kinds of things I was afraid of at first, ranging from grizzly bears to 'mean' horses and gun-fighters; but by acting as if I was not afraid I gradually ceased to be afraid. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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#25. I'm that grumpy old guy yelling at all those pesky little Grizzly Bear fans to get offa my lawn. - Author: Chuck Eddy
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#26. Peabody may not have seen the man turn into a grizzly, but he was bright enough to know that Injun Joe was getting set to adjust another relative ass-to-ears ratio. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#27. If you ever, ever, ever meet a grizzly bear, / You must never, never, never ask him where / He is going, / Or what he is doing; / For if you ever, ever dare / To stop a grizzly bear, / You will never meet another grizzly bear. - Author: Mary Hunter Austin
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#28. especially when we get to Yosemite. There are grizzly bears there. - Author: Eugene M. Gagliano
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#29. I like a grizzly look as long as it's maintained. Facial hair requires maintenance; you can't just grow it out and be done with it. - Author: Adrianne Palicki
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#30. So hell, maybe we just killed the last grizzly in the world. I'd feel bad about that if it hadn't been an infected zombie bear that wanted to eat my delicious flesh. - Author: Mira Grant
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#31. Are people more important than the grizzly bear? Only from the point of view of some people. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#32. If you're going to be a bear, be a grizzly. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#33. Grizzly bears eat people without the benefit of music. - Author: Don Kardong
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#34. My favorite animal in the park is the grizzly, icnonic, graceful, and with eyes that seem to know, and what they know is sad. - Author: Danielle Rohr
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#35. Rides my demon horse, shoots a grizzly - my, my, proper Miss Elizabeth Hamilton, who'd ever have thought it? - Author: Debra Holland
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#36. Soon the grizzly was joined by a brown bear, a sun bear, and a beaver suffering from an identity crisis of magnificent proportion - Author: Cameron Dokey
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#37. Out of all the Grizzly kids, Ben had never been deep in the club, instead focusing on academic things. But he was still family, no matter what, even if he had no desire to be a Patch. - Author: Jenika Snow
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#38. In Missoula, Grizzly football exists in a realm apart, where there is a pervasive sense of entitlement. University of Montana fans, coaches, players, and their lawyers expect, and often receive, special dispensation. - Author: Jon Krakauer
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#39. You are in trouble,' I said slowly, emphasizing each word. 'Enormous trouble. Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#40. Jeremy supposed that a Christmas party full of elementary school professionals might be the worst place in the world. He would drift among them helplessly, like a grizzly bear in a roomful of children, expected not to eat anyone. - Author: Nathan Ballingrud
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#41. Better to meet a grizzly robbed of her cubs than a fool hellbent on folly. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
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#42. The Grizzly Bear is huge and wild;
He has devoured the infant child.
The infant child is not aware
It has been eaten by a bear."
"Infant Innocence - Author: A.E. Housman
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#43. Teddy bears, not grizzly bears, get invited in for honey. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#44. Damian was here in Grizzly Mall. It was that - Author: Dale E. Basye
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#45. Everything looked like death to me, a bush was hunched-over grizzly, a skinny tree stump was a wolf staring right at me. My heart was thumping and kicking in me like it was trying to get free a' my stupid. - Author: Beth Lewis
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#46. Grizzly Adams did have a beard - Author: Lee Trevino
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#47. So grizzly an act, - Author: Clint Richmond
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#48. Passivity is really a crappy substitute for manhood. But it's as common as facial hair on a hipster, or salmon-breath on a grizzly bear. - Author: Josh Hatcher
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#49. In Canada, you can't even have a barbecue in your backyard without being attacked by a moose or even a grizzly bear. Then again, the grizzlies don't beat anyone here in Vancouver; oh, it's true, it's true. - Author: Kurt Angle
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#50. We were like deer. They were like grizzly bear. - Author: Chief Joseph
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#51. Why didn't the Eskimo keep it?" she asked, looking at the Magnet with interest. "He got tired of being loved and longed for some one to hate him. So he gave me the Magnet and the very next day a grizzly bear ate him." "Wasn't he sorry then?" she inquired. "He didn't say," replied the shaggy man, - Author: L. Frank Baum
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#52. Unwisely, Santa offered a teddy bear to James, unaware
he had been mauled by a grizzly earlier this year. - Author: Tim Burton
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#53. It simply dazzled her how he went from goofy bear, rolling on his back and playing with his toes, and right into sexy-beyond-belief Jersey grizzly who'd worked her body like a love god. - Author: Shelly Laurenston
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#54. Having women work with men is like having a grizzly bear work with salmon ... dipped in honey. - Author: Patrice O'Neal
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#55. Every settlement with two shacks and a saloon gave itself a name: Helltown, Fair Play, Grizzly Flats, Piety Hill, Whiskey Flat, You Bet, Nary Red, Lousy Ravine, Petticoat Slide. - Author: Donald Dale Jackson
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#56. Most animals show themselves sparingly. The grizzly bear is six to eight hundred pounds of smugness. It has no need to hide. If it were a person, it would laugh loudly in quiet restaurants, boastfully wear the wrong clothes for special occasions, and probably play hockey. - Author: Craig Childs
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#57. The problem is that bears are pretty smart and humans aren't: we'll move into a remote area and leave a bag of dog food on our front porch and then panic when we see a grizzly bear helping himself to a meal. p 41 - Author: Bruce W. Cameron
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#58. There was no indie rock band in the 90s at the level of, like, Grizzly Bear. I listen to their records and it's crazy how good they sound. That really freaks me out. - Author: Travis Morrison
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#59. There were all kinds of things of which I was afraid at first, ranging from grizzly bears to "mean" horses and gunfighters; but by acting as if I was not afraid I gradually ceased to be afraid. Most men can have the same experience if they choose. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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#60. It was so much fun to have my very first TV (performance) be the holy grail of comedy, in my opinion. I was the guy from CHiPs and then I was Grizzly Adams. It was hysterical. We got to make out. It was really crazy, fun television. - Author: Cheyenne Jackson
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#61. If some of our teenage thrill seekers really want to go out and get a thrill, let them go up into the Northwest and tangle with the Grizzly Bear, the Polar Bear, and the Brown Bear. They will get their kicks, and it will cleanse their souls. - Author: Fred Bear
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#62. The sounds pouring forth from his nasal passages registered somewhere between grizzly bear and exploding tractor trailer. - Author: Alice Clayton
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#63. We're going to get gored to death by a feral fugging hog and your best strategy is to pretend it's a grizzly bear? - Author: John Green
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