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Top 12 Great Velocity Quotes

#1. In the mind of the public, she seemed endowed with an almost supernatural power to commit heinous acts, no matter the time or place. - Author: Alexis Coe
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#2. It's his mother's birthday? But he didn't tell me. I don't have a card. I don't have a gift. How could he do this to me?
Men are crap. - Author: Sophie Kinsella
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#3. I think we live in delusional times, whether it's with a great ability to totally distract ourselves with technology, or with speed and the velocity of life. - Author: Michael Leunig
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#4. Abiding faith does not depend on borrowed concepts. Rather, it is the magnetic force of a bone-deep, lived understanding, one that draws us to realize our ideals, walk our talk,and act in accord with what we know to be true. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#5. Windmills, which are used in the great plains of Holland and North Germany to supply the want of falling water, afford another instance of the action of velocity. The sails are driven by air in motion - by wind. - Author: Hermann Von Helmholtz
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#6. The great weight of the ship may indeed prevent her from acquiring her greatest velocity; but when she has attained it, she will advance by her own intrinsic motion, without gaining any new degree of velocity, or lessening what she has acquired. - Author: William Falconer
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#7. What we value about music and literature are the moments that they create in our minds when we encounter them. - Author: Stephan Jenkins
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#8. If you wait, people will forget your camera, and the soul will drift up into view. - Author: Steve McCurry
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#9. Now, the velocity of wave propagation can be seen, without the aid of any mathematical analysis, to depend on the elasticity of the medium and its density; for we can see that if a medium is highly elastic the disturbance would be propagated at a great speed. - Author: Albert A. Michelson
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#10. And from a poise at this station the plane may swoop down, at great disadvantage if close to the back of the wave, at various slopes and directions till it cuts into the air that is being raised by the face of the following wave, which again enables it to resume its velocity. - Author: Lawrence Hargrave
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#11. The great spirals, with their enormous radial velocities and insensible proper motions, apparently lie outside our Solar system. - Author: Edwin Powell Hubble
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#12. The velocity and volume on the Web are so great that nothing is forgotten and nothing is remembered, - Author: Leon Wieseltier
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