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Top 10 Great Polarity Quotes

#1. I feel like a little tug in a great storm. But I'm fastened to a great ship on ahead. It's going into port and can't lose it's way. - Author: Patricia St. John
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#2. You don't need to talk to get to know someone, you just need to listen, - Author: Melissa Haag
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#3. Forget vampires," he laughed dismissively.
"Who wants to drink blood for eternity? What we have discovered is far more seductive and a great deal more dangerous ... - Author: Pat Spence - Blue Moon
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#4. The loss of sex polarity is part and parcel of the larger disintegration, the reflex of the soul's death, and coincident with the disappearance of great men, great deeds, great causes, great wars, etc. - Author: Henry Miller
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#5. After this night is over, then you can drift away, they you can sleep for ever, for nothing will ever matter again. - Author: Michael Morpurgo
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#6. If you are invisible, you are vulnerable. Birth Registration must be everyone's priority. Let's make all children visible and let's give every child a birthday! - Author: Desmond Tutu
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#7. Do not come here and roam here unless you are willing to be enslaved by its charms. Its beauty and peace and harmony will entrance you. Once it has you in its power, it will never release you the rest of your days - Author: Gordon Wallace
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#8. The fish cannot leave the deep waters. The state's weaponry should not be displayed. - Author: Laozi
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#9. So, do you live around here often? - Author: Steven Wright
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#10. The word 'self' is as great a mystery as the word 'other'. It's just a polarity between two mysteries. - Author: Terence McKenna
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