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Top 13 Grammar Using Quotes

#1. Only in a state of solitude, when you willingly stay face to face with God, can He help you to open yourself, and show the impurities preventing you from moving forward and help you to identify your unique gift, life mission and destination - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#2. What is competent writing? Competent writing is writing that efficiently describes ideas and concepts to an audience, using a grammar that the audience can understand. - Author: John Scalzi
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#3. Making English grammar conform to Latin rules is like asking people to play baseball using the rules of football. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#4. When you love him, let love lead you both together. - Author: Toba Beta
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#5. What the hell was it about e-mail that made everybody forget the stuff they learned in second grade, like capitalizing I and proper names, and using periods? Hello? We all learned how to do this less than five years out of diapers! - Author: MaryJanice Davidson
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#6. If not for bad luck we'd have no luck at all. - Author: Edna Buchanan
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#7. This past year, sometimes I would get up in the mornings and actually look forward to going to school because I knew I would see you. I would wonder what you were going to wear. I loved lunch because I could sit in the cafeteria and look out the window and see you up there in the bleachers. - Author: Sarah Addison Allen
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#8. The first degree of proficiency is, in painting, what grammar is in literature, a general preparation for whatever the student may afterward choose for more particular application. The power of drawing, modeling, and using colors, is very properly called the language of the art. - Author: Joshua Reynolds
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#9. When they come out to my shows they like me but trying to get them to come out to my shows they're like "I don't want to go and see that old guy" But when they do they totally get it ... - Author: Fred Eaglesmith
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#10. Grammar, which is the art of using words properly, comprises four parts: Orthography, Etymology, Syntax, and Prosody. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#11. I've been thinking of humorous things since I was ... I can't remember when. All the way through elementary school, all the way through junior high, all the way through high school, through college and after college, I was thinking of the same kinds of things that I say in front of an audience now. - Author: Steven Wright
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#12. Pidgin, pidgin everywhere. A peculiarity of dropping the connective, the article, of translating literally, of using present for past, present for future. We Filipinos did not speak pidgin. Our English was straight from the grammar texts. - Author: Gilda Cordero-Fernando
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#13. Much can and must be done by governments, but they cannot of themselves change lives. - Author: Jonathan Sacks
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