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Top 17 Grammar Comma Within Quotes

#1. And that was when I said 'Henry, the placement of the comma depends on whether 'I ate grandmother' or 'I ate, grandmother'. - Author: Mia Castile
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#2. If you want to make a substantial reduction in your carbon footprint, doing it on your own is virtually impossible, especially if you're driving a car. Here are tools available in the marketplace, enabling our customers to have this conversation. - Author: Tom Arnold
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#3. We're going to do something that's really unprecedented in the industry by launching the console in all three major markets for the same holiday. It's never been done before. - Author: J Allard
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#4. Movie-making is serious business. The director and the crew are already under a lot of pressure to give their best to the audience. Therefore, the best part for me as an actor is to act well in the movies and make a jolly atmosphere with the co-stars on the sets. - Author: Abhishek Bachchan
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#5. I really am a feminist, though I never used to call myself that. - Author: Jackee Harry
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#6. Everyone here says in a surprised manner that I have grown ... they are so stupid and do not notice that I am standing up straighter! - Author: Anna Freud
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#7. If you work with any new technology, you have to expect that it's going to be a little problematic. - Author: Paul W. S. Anderson
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#8. What if the Cure for Cancer was trapped inside the mind of someone who can't afford an education - Author: Tumblr
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#9. Eras are conveniences, particularly for those who never experienced them. We carve history from totalities beyond our grasp. Bolt labels on the result. Handles. Then speak of the handles as though they were things in themselves. - Author: William Gibson
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#10. He looked like someone who smelled like someone who lived in a mushroom, and that bothered Twoflower. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#11. A lot of times, people just want to be an individual. But if you really want to win, at the end of the day, it's not about you just achieving something. Everybody can achieve more if they work together. - Author: Kevin McCarthy
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#12. I still gotta reacquaint myself with the hip-hop audience. - Author: Method Man
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#13. The owl flies, in the moonlight, over a field where the wounded cry out.
Like the owl, I fly in the night over my own misfortune. - Author: Georges Bataille
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#14. But I won't work with the exact same crew film after film because I feel the work would get a little complacent. - Author: Patrice Leconte
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#15. When a man says he had pleasure with a woman he does not mean conversation. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#16. There are few things wholly evil or wholly good. Almost everything, especially of government policy, is an inseparable compound of the two, so that our best judgment of the preponderance between them is continually demanded. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#17. In Gospel grammar, death is not an exclamation point, merely a comma. - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
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