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Top 15 Gotta Stay Focused Quotes

#1. Whatever you do, stay focused. Because any stuff is not going to last forever. Once you get a show at something, you gotta roll with it. You can't sit on your ass. You better keep working. You better stay motivated. - Author: Juicy J
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#2. We do not learn only from great minds; we learn from everyone, if only we observe and inquire. - Author: C.A. Doxiadis
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#3. Stay focused. You gotta believe in yourself. I think that's the biggest thing I've been able to do throughout my whole career, even before I actually had a big career in this industry. - Author: Ace Hood
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#4. Kiss me, Kate, we shall be married o'Sunday - Author: William Shakespeare
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#5. He, who loves the bristle of bayonets, only sees in their glitter what beforehand he feels in his hand. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#6. Don't ask me something if the answer doesn't truly matter to you. - Author: Ken Weber
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#7. Momma gettin' older feelin' pains In her shoulder. I gotta stay focused and remain a little soldier. - Author: Rick Ross
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#8. I like Joe Sakic. Coming out of Buffalo, I obviously like Alexander Mogliny, Pat LaFontaine. Hasek is up there. Miroslav Satan. Whoever seemed to be a good player at the time I'd watch. Jagr too. I tried to learn a lot from those guys. - Author: Patrick Kane
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#9. Among absent lovers, ardor always fares better. - Author: Sextus Propertius
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#10. All right, then, her first rule for the rest of her days: no more looking outside for definitions. She might not have any clue who she was, but better to be lost and searching than shoved into a social box by someone else. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#12. Why was it always the woman who had to sacrifice for love? Just once, couldn't a guy do it instead? - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#13. The computing field is always in need of new cliches. - Author: Alan Perlis
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#14. It is seldom that minds long exercised in business have formed any habits of conversing with themselves, and in the loss of power they principally regret the want of occupation. - Author: Edward Gibbon
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#15. That is one of the reasons one enjoys acting. Now and again, you get scenes where you work with somebody really good and you have a good time trying to make it really work and really work well. - Author: Albert Finney
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