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#1. As a rule of thumb I say, if Socrates, Jesus and Tolstoy wouldn't do it, don't.

John Gardner

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#2. When I went in, my editor said, 'I hope you don't think you're a writer.' And I said, 'I hope you don't think I'm a journalist.' And, uh, turned out we were both right.

Julia Cameron

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#3. The existence of any evil anywhere at any time absolutely ruins a total optimism.

George Santayana

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#4. I'm the Hiphopapotomus, my lyrics are bottomless! uhhh ...

Flight Of The Conchords

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#5. To me, Jeb Bush is hitting his stride. He was the most composed, the most endpoint, the most in control, I've seen him in an interview yet. And it's not because I wasn't asking him tough questions

Jeb Bush

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#6. When the First Sea Lord, Admiral Leach, told the Prime Minister and her cabinet colleagues that it would take three weeks to sail the Task Force to the Falklands, he was met with the incredulous response 'surely you mean three days?

Ian R. Gardiner

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#7. My school is attended by near three hundred scholars.

Joseph Lancaster

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#8. If you're interested, you will do what is convenient; if you're committed, you'll do whatever it takes.

John Assaraf

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#9. I don't understand why people don't use improvisation, especially in comedy films, but also, for me, you get more naturalism, and that's why I like the naturalistic performances and strange rhythms and the way that people genuinely interact captured rather than sort of very mannered performances.

Alice Lowe

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#10. I thought Obama ran the best campaign I have ever known - disciplined, well organised, very, very good. I was very impressed.

Nancy Reagan

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#11. I think dancing is a man's game and if he does it well he does it better than a woman.

Gene Kelly

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#12. Your thinking creates your reality.

Robin Sharma

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