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#1. My neighbor is now an 18-wheeler who comes by here 1,000 times a day. - Author: Gordon Smith
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#2. Maybe tomorrow when He looks down Every green field and every town All of his children every nation There'll be peace and good, brotherhood ... Crystal blue persuasion. - Author: Tommy James
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#3. I have lately got back to that glorious society called Solitude. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#4. But the moon doesn't say what it knows. - Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
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#5. To feel is perhaps the most terrifying thing in this society. - Author: Cecil Taylor
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#6. Too many live in the future. If you keep living in the future, in what may be, then the future gets shorter every minute. - Author: Karina Halle
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#7. I have made believe so long that now I am quite sincere in my conviction that we can see pretty much whatever we look for; which should prove the desirability of searching for amusement and profit rather than for boredom and disillusion. - Author: Gelett Burgess
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#8. From '69 til '76, I never played in public. I would play by myself at home. - Author: Robert Quine
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#9. I have a tradition of working with actors, over and over again. I've worked with Jason Bateman, over and over again. You get to know an actor, and you get a certain trust and a comfort, and you become really good friends, and you feel like you've got a short-hand. - Author: Peter Berg
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#10. If you love the truth, you'll trust it - that is, you will expect it to be good, beautiful, perfect, orderly, etc., in the long run, not necessarily in the short run. - Author: Abraham Maslow
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#11. Calumny is a vice of curious constitution; trying to kill it keeps it alive; leave it to itself and it will die a natural death. - Author: Thomas Paine
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#12. The Constitution I uphold and defend is the one I carry in my pocket all the time, the U.S. Constitution. I don't know what Constitution that other members of Congress uphold, but it's not this one. I think the only Constitution that Barack Obama upholds is the Soviet constitution, not this one. - Author: Paul Broun
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#13. All my life I have preserved in the depths of my heart a live faith in my Creator, the Defender of the World, in His Sanctifying Grace and in the expiatory sacrifice of Christ our Saviour, but never have I agreed that true religion demands outward manifestations. - Author: Valery Bryusov
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#14. It's ever so important to believe in what you do, trust your ability to create and show yourself worthy. Never sell yourself short. - Author: Simon Zingerman
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#15. Love is the great protector, protecting us from anger and jealousy. - Author: Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
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#16. We photographers say that we take a picture, and in a certain sense, that is true. We take something from people's lives, but in doing so we tell their story. - Author: Steve McCurry
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#17. Markets do not automatically generate trust, cooperation or collective action for the common good. Quite the contrary: it is in the nature of economic competition that a participant who breaks the rules will triumph - at least in the short run - over more ethically sensitive competitors. - Author: Tony Judt
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#18. Fuck you fucks and the fucks you fucked in on! - Author: Bryan Lee O'Malley
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#19. From winter, plague and pestilence, good lord, deliver us! - Author: Thomas Nashe
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