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#1. Every citizen's vote should count in America, not just the votes of partisan insiders in the Electoral College. The Electoral College was necessary when communications were poor, literacy was low and voters lacked information about out-of-state figures, which is clearly no longer the case. - Author: Gene Green
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#2. [Phyllis Schlaffley and Pat Buchanan and Jeff Sessions] do know conservatism, but I think they are wrong. - Author: Erick Erickson
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#3. There is a great feeling in a small venue, with the closeness of the people and the intimacy. - Author: Mavis Staples
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#4. It is well known that onset of the disease is affected by lifestyle, yet even when the at-risk subjects were given information about their susceptibility, many did not adjust their fat intake or increase exercise or consult medical specialists to minimize their risk. - Author: Christine Kenneally
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#5. But just look at her, he thought. How can there be this much treasure all in one place, and the world still here? - Author: Rafi Zabor
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