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Top 100 God Is There For You Quotes

#1. Why is this man in the White House? The majority of Americans did not vote for him. Why is he there? And I tell you this morning that he's in the White House because God put him there for a time such as this. - Author: William G. Boykin
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#2. You always leave the Rosary for later, and you end up not saying it at all because you are sleepy. If there is no other time, say it in the street without letting anybody notice it. It will, moreover, help you to have presence of God. - Author: Josemaria Escriva
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#3. When I have sat at home with this God-given talent for music for a long time, somebody approaches me out of the blue and asks me to play for them. It's almost as though there's a force somewhere which is saying 'no sittin' around, out you go! - Author: Jeremy Spencer
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#4. The Kingdom of God can't be detected by visible signs.[*] 21 You won't be able to say, 'Here it is!' or 'It's over there!' For the Kingdom of God is already among you.[*] - Author: Anonymous
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#5. Leaving religious texts open too interpretation is the downfall of religion itself. If it is truly the word of God then there is no room for interpretation; you either take all of it or none. There is no selective belief - Author: Stephen Colbert
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#6. I've been thanking God for you being there. For you risking your life for Dove. I'll never forget it, Tyler. I'll never forget you...."
"Truth is, Lily, I'll never forget you either. - Author: Debra Holland
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#7. If there be ground for you to trust in your own righteousness, then, all that Christ did to purchase salvation, and all that God did to prepare the way for it is in vain. - Author: Jonathan Edwards
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#8. There is no more fulfilling experience in all the world than the sense that God's Spirit has taken you and dared to use you for His glory. - Author: Dennis F. Kinlaw
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#9. There's One Person above all others who desires an extraordinary life for you. He is a Father who delights, like any good father, in the achievements and happiness of His children. His name is God! And nothing will please Him more than seeing you reach your highest potential. - Author: John Bevere
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#10. Darling, don't be silly, your whole future is ahead of you. All you have to do is go out there and ask for a part- something small and reasonable just to start with. From there, no one can stop you. Don't feel bad about anything you've done, and for God's sake, have fun. - Author: Anna Godbersen
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#11. 450,000 Iraqi children have died from starvation and lack of medicine as a result of our embargo. If you believe God loves little children - and hundreds of thousands more Iraqi children will die if there is war - you have to believe that God will judge us very harshly for this. - Author: Jane Elliott
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#12. Thank you for reminding me that the future is in God's hands.'" "'You're welcome. And remember, wherever you go, in body and mind, you simply need to call out to God and He is there - Author: Tricia Goyer
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#13. There is a verse [in the Koran] that says God swears by time. Anything you gain in life, you pay for with your time. Time is the most important thing that has been given to man. - Author: Shirin Ebadi
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#14. Besides, Watson," he added, with a glint of humour in his grey eyes, "you, after all, are a man of the world. We must put your skills to use, for there is no greater tragedy on God's green earth than that of untapped talent. - Author: Lyndsay Faye
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#15. There's no Hell to spite the sinners. There's no Heaven for the blessed. God is not what you imagine. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#16. There is the need for an intimate romantic relationship with the father. Abundant joy and an intimate personal receiving of God's love should be our priority because you can never get enough of this, people return again and again to swim in the river or soak in the son. - Author: John Arnott
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#17. Extend your mercy towards others, so that there can be no one in need whom you meet without helping. For what hope is there for us if God should withdraw His Mercy from us? - Author: St. Vincent
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#18. So when the devil throws your sins in your face and declares that you deserve death and hell, tell him this: I admit that I deserve death and hell, what of it? For I know One who suffered and made satisfaction on my behalf. His name is Jesus Christ, Son of God, and where He is there I shall be also! - Author: Martin Luther
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#19. You can study God through everything and everyone in the universe, because God is not confined in a mosque, synagogue or church. But if you are still in need of knowing where exactly His abode is, there is only one place to look for Him: in the heart of a true lover. - Author: Elif Shafak
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#20. Whether you practice craftiness in your business, you will have profit and if you do not practice craftiness, then also you will have [same] profit. Craftiness creates a liability for the next life. So God had said not to do craftiness. There is no benefit in it and there is infinite suffering. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#21. God, I realize they need me, but even more, they need You. I need You because this mothering thing is awesome and hard. When I look back, I won't remember the days. I will remember the moments. And I'm thankful for that because, believe me, there are days I don't want to remember! - Author: Kristen Welch
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#22. I love you, for God's sake. I still love you. I loved you more than anyone on earth. But I'll never trust you, after what happened. It's what Alice said. You'll never grow up. There is no peace in you. - Author: David Hare
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#23. But then I realize there is never going to be a day when I stand before God and He looks at me and says, 'I wish you would have kept more for yourself.' I'm confident that God will take care of me. - Author: David Platt
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#24. The only need is to know yourself and look into your heart. There you will find all things. Look for the light that is within you and you will have found God. - Author: Douglas James Cottrell
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#25. You don't have any hair at all at the tops of your thighs," I said, admiring the smooth white skin there. "Why is that, do you think?"
"The cow licked it off the last time she milked me," he said between his teeth. "For God's sake, Sassenach! - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#26. Sister Katherine smiled. 'Such arrogance. You did not choose God, Maria. He chose you. For you, as his servant, there is no such thing as choice. You must do what is right. You may do no other. - Author: Jack Higgins
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#27. If there is a god, or hundreds of them, I hope they will forgive me for the harm I may have inflicted on you by telling you exactly what happened. - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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#28. The Fugitive"

Thanks be to God the world is wide,
And I am going far from home,
For I forgot in Camelot
The man I loved in Rome,

And I forgot in Kensington
The man I loved in Kew;
And there must be a place for me
To think no more of you. - Author: Edna St. Vincent Millay
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#29. Many times in life, God waits while a situation goes from bad to worse. He appears to let it slip over the edge, so that you and I say, "There's no way now for this ever to work out." But that is the point when the omnipotent God intervenes in our hopelessness and says, "Oh, really? Watch this ... ! - Author: Jim Cymbala
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#30. When there is no adversary, foe or a government to oppress man, his demon will control him enough to make him inflict harm onto the weakest beings right next to him - like what happened to Joseph. So, don't cry for man, cry instead for God not to leave you fall into the hands of satan. - Author: Ibrahim Ibrahim
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#31. Well now you're contradicting yourself. With balance there cannot be chaos. With randomness there can be no punishment. You're pleading for punishment in hopes that you'll see your God. Without punishment there is no God. If there is balance then there is your Lord. If balance then afterlife. - Author: Dave Eggers
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#32. When you get out onto a glacier that's the size of Northern Ireland and it's so vast, and you're standing on top of it and you can see forever, it's so pure and clear that you can see for miles and miles and miles. You really do think, "Wow, there is a god!" You feel very humbled. - Author: Richard Dormer
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#33. Perfect love casts out fear. If fear exists, Then there is not perfect love. But: Only perfect love exists. If there is fear, It produces a state that does not exist. Believe this and you will be free. Only God can establish this solution, and this faith is His gift. - Author: Foundation For Inner Peace
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#34. Realize your true nature. That is all there is to do. Know yourself as you are - infinite Spirit. That is practical religion. Everything else is impractical, for everything else will perish. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#35. We all hate something from our past, Cal. That's why we run from it, or compensate for it, or even fill our van with homeless people. But when something like this happens-when your dad shows up-maybe there is a bigger purpose. 'What you intended for evil, God intended for good.' Genesis 50:20 - Author: Brad Meltzer
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#36. Sometimes the fact that there is nothing about you that makes you the right person to do something is exactly what God is looking for. - Author: Nadia Bolz-Weber
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#37. Every child of God is not called by the Lord to establish schools and orphan houses and to trust in the Lord for means for them. Yet, there is no reason why you may not experience, far more abundantly than we do now, His willingness to answer the prayers of His children. - Author: George Muller
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#38. Confusion is a gift from God. Those times when you feel most desperate for a solution, sit. Wait. The information will become clear. The confusion is there to guide you. Seek detachment and become the producer of your life. - Author: The RZA
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#39. There is no religion
There is no reality or lack of reality
There is no start or finish
There is no me or you
There is only everything
And the only thing that is that reality
Is divinity itself
And it is all for the love of God. - Author: Steve Vai
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#40. But for you to make this move would reveal the two fundamental tenets of true atheism. One: There is no God. Two: I hate Him. - Author: Douglas Wilson
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#41. Your words are unique to you.
A God given gift of thoughts and ideas that only you can share with the world. Share on! There is room on these shelves for your book!
B.Villareal 2014 - Author: Becky Villareal
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#42. Dear God, there is never a reason for me to be lonely or afraid, because you are my great and present defender. Thank you. Amen. - Author: Bethany House Publishers
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#43. Stand by; for I am holier than you! What a parody on holiness! Jesus the Holy One is the humble One: the holiest will ever be the humblest. There is none holy but God: we have as much of holiness as we have of God. - Author: Andrew Murray
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#44. Anytime someone says your God is ugly and you release your God and join their God, there is no hope for your freedom until you once more believe in your own concept of the 'deity.' - Author: John Henrik Clarke
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#45. Scientology is not written with disrespect toward God. It doesn't worship something that is evil. It is scientific, mathematical, and spiritual. The black community has to check it out and see what's there. I'm not saying it's for everyone, but you have to take a look. - Author: Doug E. Fresh
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#46. Strike the rock and the water will flow; don't wait to brag about why you alone can hit the rock for water to flow; just go and do it because the world is thirsty! Your potentials are in put in you by God because he knows there is a need to be fulfilled; awaken it and present it to us! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#47. So the first reason for studying Scripture is that it is a means of spiritual growth. There is none apart from the Word. It is God's primary tool to develop you as an individual. - Author: Howard G. Hendricks
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#48. Do not fight with your brother. There are things that God expects us to fight for, true. But string is not one of them. Do you understand? - Author: Rebecca DeMarino
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#49. So you see, we are not free to choose our fate. There is a yoke to be borne and freedom is only an illusion. I am not free. God has put me here on earth for a reason. - Author: Naomi Ragen
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#50. Yes, faith still moves mountains. But sometimes the greater act of faith is not praying for the mountain to move instantly but rather hanging in there while God helps you to move it bit by bit. - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
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#51. How can you have order in a state without religion? For, when one man is dying of hunger near another who is ill of surfeit, he cannot resign himself to this difference unless there is an authority which declares 'God wills it thus.' Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#52. The plan of God is unknown but there is a definitely a plan that is revealed through in a mysterious way that leaves one wondering, if I did it?! I often wait to face the next mystery that remains a puzzle till it happens. Thank you God for the plan! - Author: Santosh Avvannavar
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#53. If you don't feel strong desires for the manifestation of the glory of God, it is not because you have drunk deeply and are satisfied. It is because you have nibbled so long at the table of the world. Your soul is stuffed with small things, and there is no room for the great. - Author: John Piper
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#54. He said, Heaven is not waiting for the good and pure and gentle There's no punishment eternal, there's no Hell for the ungodly Nor is God as you imagine - Saint - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#55. The Devil sends the precipices; God sends the bridges! When you come across a precipice, look for the bridge; it is somewhere there! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#56. You have to look for the joy. Look for the light of God that is hitting your life, and you will find sparkles you didn't know were there. - Author: Barbara Johnson
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#57. Even faith in God is only a stage on the way. Ultimately you abandon all, for you come to something so simple that there are no words to express it. - Author: Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
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#58. There's no room in my life for religion. Religion is separation and segregation of God. How can you segregate the Almighty? - Author: Ben Harper
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#59. There is no harm taking medication as it is God-given ability or utilizing the wisdom God gives to doctors and to prepare medications. But it also your responsibility to build faith for healing while using medication, and you must do that. - Author: Paul Silway
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#60. You should know that there is present with you the angel whom God has appointed for each man ... This angel, who is sleepless and cannot be deceived, is always present with you; he sees all things and is not hindered by darkness. You should know, too, that with him is God. - Author: Anthony The Great
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#61. You only get one body; it is the temple of your soul. Even God is willing to dwell there. If you truly treat your body like a temple, it will serve you well for decades. If you abuse it you must be prepared for poor health and a lack of energy. - Author: Oli Hille
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#62. They say there is six degrees of separation between you and another person. However, when people are praying for you there are only two degrees. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#63. If you are God's, there is nothing impossible for you - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#64. You know that place: where there is just you alone - and maybe God, if you believe in him. Of course, God might be there even if you don't believe in him. That would be just like him. He hasn't been called the Grand Interferer for nothing. - Author: Wm. Paul Young
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#65. In a world where very few people care if you live or die, there is a light that shines in the distance. It has a name that they call hope and it carries with it people that never stop caring. They learned long ago that extending mercy was not a choice, but a place where God lives. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#66. If you are a man of prayer, existence appears as God, as personal. If you are a man of meditation, existence is impersonal, just a wholeness, a divineness. For the man of prayer there is God; for the man of awareness there is godliness but no God. - Author: Rajneesh
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#67. There is a reason behind life. There is some connectivity between living beings. Whether you want to call that 'God' or 'The Force' or whatever word you use for it, I do believe in a spiritualized mechanism. - Author: Damon Lindelof
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#68. A demon, in a way, is a test of your faith. Because if you're doing God's work, there's no reason for any demon to do anything to you. - Author: Troy Polamalu
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#69. There is thing you can do but I can not and there is thing I can but you can not; so let us make something beautiful for God. - Author: Mother Teresa
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#70. I'm like Albert Schweitzer and Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein in that I have a respect for life - in any form. I believe in nature, in the birds, the sea, the sky, in everything I can see or that there is real evidence for. If these things are what you mean by God, then I believe in God. - Author: Frank Sinatra
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#71. There is only God. REALITY is God and has never required your belief. This reality no "one" survives. In Ultimate Reality no "one" is saved either - there is simply nothing to save you "from" : you have not emerged from any "other" and there is no place else for "you" to disappear into. Ever. - Author: Adi Da
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#72. Every emotion that is in the human mind is there for a positive reason, and they must be used for positive reasons, anger is a positive emotion if it used correctly, so is aggression. God did not put anger and aggression in you just for negative purposes alone. - Author: Amos Wilson
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#73. Everybody's not going to understand where God has called you to go, but that is not an excuse for you not to go there. Then, when He puts you in certain places, it's a spiritual warfare to stay there. - Author: CeCe Winans
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#74. You were placed there by God for a reason, which is to possess the land for the glory of the KING! - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#75. The question is, do you have deliberate plans for your life? Do you have intentions with you time? God planned that there should be a time for everything and for every season, meaning you can plan for everything and every season in your life! You may ask, 'Is that possible?" I say, "It's up to you! - Author: Archibald Marwizi
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#76. Stop wasting prayer on things you don't need help with. Prayers aren't for wants. They are for giving thanks. God will supply the needs that you cannot obtain on your own by default, so there is no need to ask. Just thank. - Author: Deatri King-Bey
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#77. Yes, it is God who works in you. And, yes, there is work for you to do.
Yes, the Spirit empowers you to do the work. And, yes, you do the work. - Author: Francis Chan
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#78. For God's sake, Mother," he said in an exasperated tone, "is there nothing dumb, daft or dangerous that you haven't tried at some point? - Author: Jasper Fforde
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#79. There is nothing good for you outside of God's wisdom or Word, nothing at all. - Author: John Bevere
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#80. And when you start to think about death, you start to think about what's after it. And then you start hoping there is a God. For me, it's a frightening thought to go nowhere. I also can't believe that people like Stalin and Hitler are gonna go to the same place as Mother Teresa. - Author: Peter Steele
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#81. There is nowhere you need go to find God, for God is within you. There is no one you need ask if you are good enough, for He has already established He is exceedingly well pleased. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#82. I don't consider myself an artist necessarily, but craftsmen or people in the arts, their spiritualism is sort of when you're writing well or performing well or doing whatever you do well, there's an element of that that's either God-given, a talent that you're not necessarily responsible for. - Author: Al Franken
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#83. Do you want to do something beautiful for God? There is a person who needs you. This is your chance. - Author: Mother Teresa
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#84. There are no roses in my yard: what wind brought you?
But I suddenly come from far away. I was sick for a moment.
No wind whatsoever brought you now.
Now you're here.
What you were isn't you, or else the whole rose would be here. - Author: Alberto Caeiro
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#85. I wish I had, for as sure as there is a God in heaven, if he ever does you any wrong, I shall kill him. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#86. The dark times are there for you to grow and to create a dependency on God. This is all part of your sanctification process. - Author: Michael Barbarulo
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#87. You know, God, the power that makes life, whatever it is, had just to make two things, masculine and feminine, for all this mischief. And made them so there is this entirely different point of view about love and sex. - Author: Beatrice Wood
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#88. You have waited for me past the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, past each of Saturn's rings. It's ridiculous, so stupid, I know, to cross the entire solar system just to hear you and Galina butcher Tchaikovsky. If ever there was an utterance of perfection, it is this. If God has a voice, it is ours. - Author: Anthony Marra
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#89. The time when there is nothing at all in your soul except a cry for help may be just that time when God can't give it: you are like the drowning man who can't be helped because he clutches and grabs. Perhaps your own reiterated cries deafen you to the voice you hoped to hear. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#90. Ultimately you are doing what you do for one of two reasons: to serve oneself or to serve God. There is enough time in every day to do God's work ... in God's way. - Author: Theodore Wilhelm Engstrom
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#91. They are damn good projects - excellent projects. That goes for all the projects up there. You know some people make fun of people who speak a foreign language, and dumb people criticize something they do not understand, and that is what is going on up there - God damn it! - Author: Harry Hopkins
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#92. You can't make yourself closer to God by hating someone else, whether you believe it's righteous anger or not. The relationship between Soul - which is you - and God is one of love. And where there's pure love, there is no room for anger of any kind. - Author: Harold Klemp
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#93. Bear sorrows for the sake of the Heavenly Kingdom. Without sorrows there is no salvation. On the other hand, the Kingdom of God awaits those who have patiently endured. And all the glory of the world is nothing in comparison. My joy! I implore you to acquire a peaceful spirit. - Author: Seraphim Of Sarov
God Is There For You Quotes #277488
#94. Since God wishes it - there is nothing to be done ... Why should you thus torment yourself? Get rid of whatever He shows you to be an obstacle to His love, for His only desire is that you should live stripped of all that is not Himself. - Author: Margaret Mary Alacoque
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#95. True happiness is to rejoice in the truth, for to rejoice in the truth is to rejoice in You, O God, who are the truth ... Those who think that there is another kind of happiness look for joy elsewhere, but theirs is not true joy. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#96. It is different with the upper classes. They, following science, want to base justice on reason alone, but not with Christ, as before, and they have already proclaimed that there is no crime, that there is no sin. And that's consistent, for if you have no God what is the meaning of crime? - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#97. There are only two reasons why you should ever be asked to give your youngsters. One is defense of our homes. The other is the defense of our Bill of Rights and particularly the right to worship God as we see fit. Every other reason advanced for the murder of young men is a racket, pure and simple. - Author: Smedley D. Butler
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#98. There is no power in having strength and brains, and yet waiting for God to fix things for you or take revenge for you. - Author: Octavia E. Butler
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#99. So it is with scripture. The word of God is there, able to transform your life. But you must probe for it. You have to penetrate the surface with more than just a cursory glance. - Author: Howard G. Hendricks
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#100. El Shaddai. My all-sufficient God who is able to handle all my needs. Everything I will ever need I can find in Him. Think about that for a moment. Do you sense the power He offers us in those words? There is nothing, absolutely nothing in your life that He cannot handle. - Author: Diane Moody
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