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Top 50 Go Out Of The Box Quotes

#1. Life is like a box of cookies: it's good while it lasts, but before you know it, it's gone. - Author: R.M. ArceJaeger
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#2. There are short parts that I as an actor am very right for. Or I just like the part. Or you need someone like me for the movie. By that I don't mean at the box office, I mean in the execution of the material. - Author: Jack Nicholson
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#3. I'm good at thinking outside the box, so much that you realise it's not a box to begin with. - Author: Will.i.am
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#4. I went to Brunel University and very much wanted to go on to do a PhD in management, but then my acting career started to take off. In those days when you switched on the box there were hardly any brown or black faces. - Author: Archie Panjabi
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#5. Feel my heart beat. Can you feel it?"
"Feel how steady it is?"
"It's fast."
"Yes, well, that has nothing to do with the box. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#6. I think 'Cool Hand Luke' was probably the first movie in which I was aware of the writing as its own separate thing. It was that speech when the guy reads Paul Newman the riot act. The speech about going in the box. - Author: Brian Helgeland
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#7. I saw her note the way I hovered over the various ethnicities on the form. First the 'white' box, then to the airspace over the 'black' box, a kind of momentary hesitation, a protest of stillness, a staring into the abyss of everything I did not know about myself. She, like me, was made of halves. - Author: Olivia Sudjic
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#8. Paul Klee seems to handle colors and dreams as if they both came out of a box of children's toys. He plays and dreams with whatever he finds. - Author: Jean Helion
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#9. This was Betsy and Tacy's private corner. Betsy's mother was a great believer in people having private corners, and the piano box was plainly meant to belong to Betsy and Tacy, for it fitted them so snugly. - Author: Maud Hart Lovelace
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#10. I saw the Count lying within the box upon the earth, some of which the rude falling from the cart had scattered over him. He was deathly pale, just like a waxen image, and the red eyes glared with the horrible vindictive look which I knew so well. - Author: Bram Stoker
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#11. Here's the thing about movies, all movies end up on television. That's their life. Whether you like it or not, I don't care how much money you spend on it, or how big or broad the film is, or who the actors are in it, eventually it's all coming out of the box. - Author: Greg Kinnear
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#12. I think the human spirit is a real powerful spirit. It has no limits and it has no ends. And I hate to see it put in any kind of box - pink or green. - Author: Frank Capra
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#13. Box-office poison? Mr. Louis B. Mayer always asserted that the studio had built Stage 22, Stage 24 and the Irving Thalberg Building, brick by brick, from the income on my pictures. - Author: Joan Crawford
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#14. When you broaden the little box that you've been living in for so long, it can be very uncomfortable at first. - Author: Banks
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#15. If you walk down the street and see someone in a box, you have a choice. That person is either the other and you're fearful of them, or that person is an extension of your family. And that makes you at home in that world and not fearful. So really it's very self-serving. - Author: Susan Sarandon
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#16. So, it's pretty crazy. Look, we're bailing out Wall Street, we're bailing out banks, we're bailing out car companies. In fact, did you know there's a special box on your tax form this year you can check if you want a portion of your taxes to actually go to running the government? - Author: Jay Leno
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#17. Look, it's a monster. He's walking alone. Look, he's pulling something out of his pocket. He threw it on the ground. Let's go see what it is. It's a black box. You open it ... ok ... Look, it's sorrow, misery and pain. It's loneliness and longing. Boy, he'll be sorry he lost these. - Author: Henry Rollins
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#18. I'm the clown you take out of the box and wind up when you need a good laugh. And then, when you're done with me, I go back in my box. - Author: Richard Simmons
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#19. As actors, we have that in common that we go for slightly out-of-the-box or genre stuff. They're great when they work, but they don't always work. Genre stuff is really hard to pull off, as any fans of it know. - Author: Jason O'Mara
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#20. My dinner spot is usually in front of the TV. I'll grill a steak and whip up a salad and watch 'Hoarders'. I love it because a) I'm kind of voyeuristic, and b) every time I see an episode, I go to the one room where all my unpacked boxes wound up, and I throw out a box of stuff. - Author: Nathan Fillion
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#21. Acting's all about stepping out of the box, so I don't want to go to work every day and play Cassie Scerbo at all. - Author: Cassie Scerbo
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#22. God will bring you a gift. However, it is up to you to stop shaking the same box and expecting something wonderful will fall out of it again. After a while, you are going to break that box and it won't remind you of that moment when it meant everything to you. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#23. Teen problem novels? I can go through them like a box of chocolates. And there are fantasy books out now that need a lot more editing. Fantasy got to be so popular that people began to think 'We don't need to be as diligent with the razor blade,' but they do. - Author: Tamora Pierce
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#24. Usually I like to improvise. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the piece, I like to improvise because I think it brings certain freshness and a reality to it, as long as it doesn't go too far out of the box. - Author: Robert Redford
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#25. Wyomingites, Joe had observed, didn't know what to do when it rained except get out of it, watch it through the window, and wait for it to go away. - Author: C.J. Box
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#26. I loved to read, and I think any child who loves to read will read anything, including the back of the cereal box, which I did every morning. - Author: Judy Blume
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#27. Protective coloration ... you learn to use it to get along in the world if you want. Only I got sick of living in the box the world prescribed; it was far to small to hold me. So I knocked down a few walls. - Author: Bruce Coville
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#28. The reason so many intelligent and creative people suffer from depression is that when you take the risk of being fully conscious, you open Pandora's box, and you can't close it again. - Author: Michael Redhill
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#29. Human nature exists and operates in an environment. And it is not 'in' that environment as coins are in a box, but as a plant is in the sunlight and soil. - Author: John Dewey
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#30. Keep your dreams ALIVE. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how many people talk about you; they're going to throw dirt on you but that's alright, when they put you in that box (after your dead), they're going to put dirt on you some more, so that's okay - GO, don't be afraid, have NO FEAR. - Author: Tyler Perry
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#31. Just because one of your films does well at the box office, that doesn't make you a good person. It doesn't make you strong, smart, or secure, either. - Author: Tina Majorino
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#32. One serial killer sends me a human head in a box, and I get all spooked; Go figure. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#33. So keeping the box closed just keeps you in the dark, not the universe. - Author: John Green
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#34. I think R. Kelly's range is so vast and broad that in order to stimulate himself creatively as an artist, he has to step so, so far outside the box, or else he feels like he's not challenging himself. - Author: T.I.
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#35. You're right. Everyone in this room with a pulse is starting to smell really good. Okay. Back in the box, better safe than sorry. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#36. Of course, we all inevitably work too hard, then we get burned out and have to spend the whole weekend in our pajamas, eating cereal straight out of the box and staring at the TV in a mild coma (which is the opposite of working, yes, but not exactly the same thing as pleasure). - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#37. Tie Society, a start-up in Washington, D.C., stocks more than 300 designer ties - each of which, if bought, would cost an arm and a leg. For a monthly fee of $11, subscribers receive a box of sanitized ties to use, and they can change their tie selection monthly. - Author: Jeremy Rifkin
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#38. I don't know how people box for a living. I don't know how they can just hurt people for a living and be OK with it. - Author: Maggie Q
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#39. You are the creator. Get out that old box of paints and brushes and start drawing love into your life. - Author: Kate McGahan
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#40. I endorse only products I actually use. Like Wheaties keeps offering me money, but I don't eat Wheaties, so I can't do it. Now, if Rice Krispies or Frosted Flakes offered me a deal, I'd take it right away. Apple Jacks, I'd be on the box in a heartbeat. Apple Shaqs. Yeah. - Author: Shaquille O'Neal
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#41. People want to put you in the box, and you just have to fight past their preconceived notions. - Author: Gina Carano
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#42. The edge is a great place to be. Inside the box is too dark. Outside the box, there's no leverage. But on the edge of the box, you can get things done! - Author: Seth Godin
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#43. I can run a good few miles. I box a little. - Author: Chiwetel Ejiofor
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#44. I have a picture of the Pont Neuf on a wall in my apartment, but i know that Paris is really on the closet shelf, in the box next to the sleeping bag, with the rest of my diaries. - Author: Thomas Mallon
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#45. It's not that he lacked poetry. But his poetry was of the body, not the mind. He spoke it in the way he moved, the way he held a hammer, rowed a boat, built a fire. I, on the other hand, was like a brain in a box, a beating heart in a coal scuttle. - Author: Meg Rosoff
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#46. Some people are very dictatorial and it's not a good feeling, and it kind of inhibits you, because you feel like you have more to offer than what they're trying to squeeze you into, some kind of box or something like that. - Author: Sasha Grey
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#47. As an English actress constantly playing Americans, you already had to step way out of your box in that way. - Author: Minnie Driver
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#48. Every time you turn on your new car, you're turning on 20 microprocessors. Every time you use an ATM, you're using a computer. Every time I use a settop box or game machine, I'm using a computer. The only computer you don't know how to work is your Microsoft computer, right? - Author: Scott McNealy
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#49. If Kyle Korver blocks your shot there should be a penalty box you should go to! - Author: Jeff Van Gundy
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#50. Do not meet or overtake a patient who is moving about in order to speak to him or to give him any message or letter. You might just as well give him a box on the ear. I have seen a patient fall flat on the ground who was standing when his nurse came into the room. - Author: Florence Nightingale
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