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Top 11 Gloobas Quotes

#1. These guys are tough, this world is crazy and the wind here is crazy strong! However if I want a normal life for once I have to try harder! Angel - From Revenge of the Gloobas. Coming soon! - Author: Angel Ramon Medina
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#2. Egad, I think the interpreter is the hardest to be understood of the two! - Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan
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#3. I've got a Grammy and Emmy, I'd like to have a Tony. - Author: Cyndi Lauper
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#4. Bridget was so excited to see the giant Colin Firth statue, she almost had a stroke. But she couldn't quite reach. - Author: Bridget Golightly
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#5. But the Go-Go's are a very original, kind of organic thing. - Author: Kathy Valentine
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#6. Learning power comprises both literacy and numeracy, and is ultimately more fundamental than either of them. - Author: Guy Claxton
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#7. When you tell me to be good, it makes me want to be good,' I say, hearing the undisguised desire in my voice. I run my fingers through the hair at her temples, taking her face between my palms, and she doesn't move. 'It also makes me want to be very, very bad. - Author: Tammara Webber
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#8. I'll still be with you every night, Kiera. Every night, no matter where I am, crawling into bed with you. Our bed will be a lot bigger, miles wide, but it will just be you and me inside it. - Author: S.C. Stephens
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#9. People don't seem to be able to pigeonhole me yet, which is great. - Author: Anthony Head
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#10. That's why we make enemies of our friends as soon as they start to drift, he thought, cos that way they get stuck with all our flaws, unlike when they're shared. Maybe brief friendships are best. If you pul out in time, the vices are all theirs. - Author: Yuri Herrera
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#11. This virtual world is sparsely populated but you may find some of my soldiers that were able to get in to the world who may prove to be a big help in your quest. That is if they haven't been captured by the gloobas or turn into traitors themselves. - Elder God "The Thousand Years War - Author: Angel Ramon Medina
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