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#1. I have cultivated a little crew of people whose opinions I understand. It's like the way you'd follow certain film critics because you know what their criteria are, and you may not agree with them, but you can glean from their opinion how you will feel about a film. - Author: Daniel Clowes
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#2. I think on this issue more than any other we're going to see sort of a bipartisan longing to get something done, and hopefully you're not going to find the fisticuffs that you would find on lots of other issues. I think you'll be able to glean a sense of progress without us revealing the specifics. - Author: Charles Schumer
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#3. Healthy skepticism is often the best way to glean the value of what's being presented - challenge it; prove it wrong, if you can. That creates engagement, which is the key to understanding. - Author: David Allen
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#4. I'm not stupid. I know exactly what's going on, and I'm not fighting it. If I have to go through this, I will glean from it any small benefit I can receive. I will not fight this. Bring it on. Bring on the cure. Bring on the fucking happy. I'm committed. - Author: Emilie Autumn
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#5. One of the most important lessons we can glean from the environmental movement is to 'think globally and act locally.' - Author: Mike Love
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#6. We all know that, unfortunately, the media does not always portray the good things that are happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, and this will be a great opportunity for us to glean some information from the Iraqi women who are here for us to also take back to our constituents. - Author: Ginny Brown-Waite
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#7. I love to be directed, and I can glean something from almost anyone. - Author: Swoosie Kurtz
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#8. Maya Angelou had the ability to glean inspiration out of pain. - Author: The Prophet Of Life
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#9. Do you really know yourself so well or are you making it up?' she asks. Some things I concoct, some I glean from my senses, most I thirst for. - Author: Erri De Luca
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#10. The stars are reflected from within the black water in the cistern. I find comfort in the omen I glean from this: light in the darkness, truth when it seems there is none. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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#11. A better way to get good feedback is to run a field experiment - that is, rather than trying to mimic the real world in a lab, take the lab mind-set into the real world. You're still running an experiment but the subjects don't necessarily know it, which means the feedback you'll glean is pure. - Author: Anonymous
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#12. A story is a story, and one may glean from it what one likes. Good sense need not enter into it. - Author: G. Willow Wilson
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#13. By providing memorable social media customer service, companies not only create deeper connections with consumers, but they glean valuable insights on how to improve their products or services. - Author: Amy Jo Martin
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#14. 'The Big Chill' had a bunch of really talented actors, a great soundtrack, and the college connections that the characters shared. It's one of those movies I glean something different from every time I watch it. - Author: Malcolm D. Lee
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#15. Write to the mind and heart, and let the ear Glean after what it can. - Author: Philip James Bailey
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#16. For Humanity sweeps onward: where today the martyr stands, On the morrow crouches Judas with the silver in his hands; Far in front the cross stands ready and the crackling fagots burn, While the hooting mob of yesterday in silent awe return To glean up the scattered ashes into History's golden urn. - Author: James Russell Lowell
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#17. Who eat their corn while yet 'tis green
At the true harvest can but glean. - Author: Saadi
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#18. Memory can glean, but can never renew. It brings us joys faint as is the perfume of the flowers, faded and dried, of the summer that is gone. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#19. I think the Bible is largely an amazing and beautiful book of fictional stories from which we can glean the most wholesome lessons about how to treat one another decently. - Author: Nick Offerman
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#20. If love is something you cherish, it is hard to glean much joy from death, even in one's enemies. - Author: Russell Brand
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#21. No matter what happened to you in your past, you are not your past, you are the resources and the capabilities you glean from it. And that is the basis for all change. - Author: Jordan Belfort
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#22. Writing is capturing life, recording the human condition, and trying to glean meaning from it. - Author: Joni M. Fisher
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#23. Show enough backstory to allow the reader to glean and make assumptions about what remains behind the curtain of time, yet continues to influence the character's worldview, attitudes, decisions, and actions. - Author: Larry Brooks
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#24. Is that why you're here?" Ben blurted "To glean one of us?" Scythe Faraday offered an unreadable smile. "I'm here for dinner. - Author: Neal Shusterman
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#25. Each of us-adult or child-must earn nature's gift by knowing nature directly, however difficult it may be to glean that knowledge in an urban environment. - Author: Richard Louv
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#26. I always find time to read novels and poetry as well as scripts; I like to enjoy different kinds of storytelling. I spend time at the beach and with my loved ones. I like traveling to unfamiliar places to challenge my perspectives and glean wisdom from other ways of life. - Author: Rose McIver
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#27. Sometimes it takes a long, long time before we can glean enrichment from the deprivation and suffering which has baffled and overwhelmed us. - Mildred Tengbom - Author: Susan Lenzkes
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#28. Don't follow someone else's map. You should glean teachings from all directions, keeping true to those that bring progress yet remaining open to changes in yourself. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#29. What we glean from travellers' vivid descriptions has a special charm; whatever is far off and suggestive excites our imagination; such pleasures tempt us far more than anything we may daily experience in the narrow circle of sedentary life. - Author: Alexander Von Humboldt
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#30. From these fragmented remains, one can glean that sore need drove him to seek the homeland of the Elderlings. His troubles are familiar ones; ships raided his coastline mercilessly. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#31. 'Restaurant Man' is kind of the story, an unabridged story of what happened in my life, the good bad and ugly. Some people might glean some life lessons. It is honest, not written as a press release. - Author: Joe Bastianich
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#32. And here is love
like a tinsmith's scoop
sunk past its glean
in the meal-bin
Sunlight - Author: Seamus Heaney
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#33. History is an amazing presence
it is the place where vanished time gathers. While we are in the flow of time, it is difficult to glean its significance, and it is only in looking back that we can recognize the hidden dimensions at work within a particular era or epoch. - Author: John O'Donohue
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#34. So holy and so perfect is my love, And I in such a poverty of grace, That I shall think it a most plenteous crop To glean the broken ears after the man That the main harvest reaps. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#35. There are three sides to every coin (Heads, Tails, and The Edge). Your ability to understand contrasting points of view and your ability to glean what information you believe to be valuable from each side is a crucial skill. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#36. When choosing between two similar applicants, hiring managers are increasingly turning to social media outlets to supplement information they are unable to glean from applications or interviews. - Author: Amy Jo Martin
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#37. No single tradition monopolizes the truth. We must glean the best values of all traditions and work together to remove the tensions between traditions in order to give peace a chance. - Author: Nhat Hanh
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#38. For my sustenance at night,
the whole that my hands can glean
from the gloom of the oak-gloomed oaks
the herbs and the plenteous fruits ... - Author: Flann O'Brien
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#39. Great quotation collections glean the millennia, distill essences, and battle for bragging rights about who's bigger, who's smarter, who's best. Who-knows-who-said-what has a market, a history, and a hall of fame. - Author: Willis Regier
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#40. The finest and most beautiful ideas on morals and manners have been swept away before our times, and nothing is left for us but to glean after the ancients and the ablest amongst the moderns. - Author: Jean De La Bruyere
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#41. I guess once you've been acting for a long time, you glean the great bits of good directors and the bad bits from other directors, and you know the way that you would like to be directed. - Author: Luke Evans
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#42. Wars are popular. Contractors make profits; the aristocracy glean honour. - Author: Ramsay MacDonald
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#43. What profound reward you must glean from studying the world so closely ... Too many people turn away from small wonders, I find. There is so much more potency to be found in detail than generalities, but most souls cannot train themselves to sit still for it. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#44. The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize and glean insights that enable him or her to make the invisible visible - Author: Hillman Curtis
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#45. Can you be inside and outside at the same time?
I think this is where I live.
I think this is where most women live.
I know this is where writers live.
Inside to write. Outside to glean. - Author: Terry Tempest Williams
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#46. As a child marooned in a post-war South London backwater with no ready cash and a bafflingly dysfunctional family, I had to glean my amusement wherever I could. - Author: Christopher Fowler
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#47. For our past can be a prison we are locked in permanently, or it can be the key to our freedom if we glean the lessons from it and deal with it directly. - Author: Kevin Powell
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#48. Newspapers are being read all around. The point is not, of course, to glean new information, but rather to coax the mind out of its sleep-induced introspective temper. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#49. It is in midwinter that I sometimes glean from my pines ... a curious transfusion of courage. - Author: Aldo Leopold
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