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#1. When you're on a set it can be very tedious and slow. It's just not as big as when you see it on film. - Author: Sanaa Lathan
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#2. Sex is about timing. The world says: any time, any place. God says: my time, my place. - Author: D. A. Carson
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#3. The role of a retired person is no longer to possess one. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
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#4. His answer trickled through my head like water through a sieve. - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#5. There has never been, and there will never be, another human who will be more successful than the humble Teacher, Jesus Christ. - Author: Monica Johnson
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#6. Blessed with so many resources within myself the world was not necessary to me. I could do very well without it. - Author: Jane Austen
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#7. The first day I arrived, they told me to go home and get rid of that cold. - Author: June Allyson
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#8. I was an Eisenhower Republican when I started out at 21 because he promised to get us out of the Korean War. - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#9. Destiny is a series of choices - Author: Jonathan K. Benton
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#10. Those who think that in order to dress well it is necessary to dress extravagantly or grandly, make a great mistake. Nothing so well becomes true feminine beauty as simplicity. - Author: George D. Prentice
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#11. Healthy living involves taking care of myself - both mentally and physically. It means surrounding myself with positive and supportive people, as well as exercising and maintaining a well-balanced diet. At this point, healthy living is just a way of life. - Author: Demi Lovato
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#12. Bending, she kissed Glawen's cheek. "Thank you for a lovely day." "Wait!" cried Glawen. "Come back!" "I think not," said Wayness, and ran off up the path to Riverview House. - Author: Jack Vance
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#13. You just do you like when you're doing any other song. It's nothing different. Some people are like "How's it like working with Kendrick Lamar?" and really, it's like working with anyone else that I work with. - Author: B.J. The Chicago Kid
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