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#1. Holocaust Museum said ISIS has carried out genocide against the Yazidis, but its investigation did not cover Christian persecution. Now there's concern the U.S. State Department might do the same, limiting any genocide pronouncement to Yazidis without mentioning Christians. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#2. A similar move is underway in the British Parliament. Earlier this month, more than 30 religious leaders and scholars wrote Secretary of State John Kerry asking for a meeting to discuss what's happening to Christians and other minorities. Nina Shea organized the effort. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#3. The Sun and the Moon are equated with the Father and the Mother. In the day, look up and remember our God; at night, look up and remember our Goddess - they are with us all the time! - Author: Nancy Chandler
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#4. The country has already become multicultural. Given immigration trends, it will only grow more diverse, and these new Americans want to share in their country's identity. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#5. State Department lawyers need to have the evidence to back up the charge before they make it. Here's Nebraska Republican Jeff Fortenberry questioning Assistant Secretary of State Anne Patterson at a House. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#6. The letter writers span the spectrum from left to right. Members say they don't want this to become a partisan political issue. In fact, there are reasons administration officials have been cautious in making a genocide declaration. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#7. They don't want to feed an ISIS narrative that there is a religious war between Islam and the Christian West, plus genocide is carefully defined under international law. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#8. ISIS goes after any group that deviates from its extreme ideology, dissident Muslims, for example, or the Yazidis who practice an ancient religion distinct from both Islam and Christianity. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#9. Administration officials, in fact, have repeatedly condemned ISIS for its treatment of religious minorities, including Christians. But a bipartisan resolution now moving through Congress calls on the administration to go further and say ISIS is guilty of genocide. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#10. The enemy puts full effort into silencing only the greatest voices. - Author: Lenita Reeves
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#11. At one congressional hearing, Bishop Francis Kalabat complained that administration officials are overlooking what's happening to his fellow Chaldean Christians. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#12. Muslim immigrants like himself encounter prejudice here [in U.S.] but also find political and religious freedom. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#13. Without hesitation, Dove chose the nowhere road. For that was the only place, in his heart of hearts, that he really wanted to go. - Author: Nelson Algren
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#14. You know, I'm a modern day Harry Belafonte; I got the swagger of the island. - Author: Wyclef Jean
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#15. Many immigrant groups have faced hostility. The Irish did in their time. Jews did. Italians did - and now, Muslim immigrants. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#16. In the year 2007, seals, otters, lions, turtles, frogs, apes, snakes, butterflies, polar bears, cheetahs, whales are disappearing along with their variously furnished homes: cloud forests, rain forests, ice pack, boreal forests, coral reefs, forests of deciduous trees, conifer and palm. - Author: Eban Goodstein
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#17. And the pressure to clarify what exactly is happening to Christians and other minorities in the Middle East is certain to intensify in the New Year. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#18. I cannot forget the place that I come from. The Congo is much in need. - Author: Dikembe Mutombo
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#19. America is or should be about inclusion. Immigrants like muslims don't and can't fit the white European mold that prevailed in this country 50 years ago. - Author: Tom Gjelten
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#20. The Democratic Party does not want anybody to have a photo ID because that would have a very negative impact on cheating! If you require a photo ID, that pretty much shuts out cheating. Well, it doesn't shut it out. It just makes it harder, and that's why they don't want it. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#21. With a novelist's sense of drama and a historian's understanding of the social forces that shape our lives, Tom Gjelten has captured vividly
through the chronicle of a powerful family's fortunes
one of the great political dramas of our time. - Author: Ronald Steel
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