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Top 11 Giving Money Funny Quotes

#1. Among us on the earth there is His memory; but in the Kingdom of heaven His very Presence. That Presence is the joy of those who have already attained to beatitude; the memory is the comfort of us who are still wayfarers, journeying towards the Fatherland. - Author: Bernard Of Clairvaux
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#2. So if you're black or brown, you can make money in America, you can get rich in America ... but whatever you decide to do, it better be positive, 'cause if one person is harmed, you will be destroyed. You see Oprah, she just be giving away money. She's doing that to keep the Feds off her back. - Author: Chris Rock
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#3. They used a doll when I fall through the ceiling. - Author: Heather O'Rourke
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#4. I have never been opposed to earmarks. - Author: Judd Gregg
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#5. So if you see a star and he needs a little money So come on baby give it to him this isn't funny! Just reach into your pocket, and pull out some change, Come on baby help a star it's not strange! - Author: Brad Sherwood
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#6. Unless there is some kind of spiritual revolution that can keep abreast of our technological genius, it is unlikely that we will save our planet. A purely rational education will not suffice. - Author: Karen Armstrong
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#7. I am a compromiser and maneuverer. I try to get something. That's the way our system works. - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson
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#8. No man can hope to find out the truth without investigation. - Author: George F. Richards
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#9. Come on!" he said, grunting as he shifted the Chinaman's slippery form for a better grip. "They'll be after us any moment! - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#10. Let's draw the boundary early not wait until it's obvious like Hitler's Germany and insist that the state shall never, never, take the life of a person! - Author: Jerry Brown
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#11. If you have to do it, you can do it. - Author: James M. Cain
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