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Top 15 Girl Rocker Quotes

#1. I think that everything I've ever done at some point is part of someone else's legacy. - Author: Liev Schreiber
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#2. You can always make time to do the thing you want to do, if you want it enough. - Author: Al Koran
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#3. Hobbiton, a low but somehow cozy tunnel with rounded earthen sides - Author: Stephen King
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#4. Nine-year-old boys usually turn ten at some point. It's the nineteen-year-olds who have difficulty turning twenty. - Author: John Boyne
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#5. I've always been attracted to the 'don't follow the rules' type of girl, the rocker girl. I've always been attracted to somebody who you can lose yourself in the moment with. You can hang out with her, and it's like you're the only two people in the room. - Author: Steven R. McQueen
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#6. No amount of preaching, exhortation, sympathy, benevolence, will render the condition of our working women what it should be, so long as the kitchen and needle are substantially their only resources. - Author: Horace Greeley
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#7. Life is BETTER when you're SMILING! - Author: Karen Gibbs
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#8. Even while he'd been gone, she'd always know he was /there/, sharing the same planet with her, walking the same earth. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#9. Think of it as Angelina Jolie. You've heard she's mad and eats nothing but wallpaper paste. But you would, wouldn't
you? - Author: Jeremy Clarkson
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#10. There's just me and my wife and a dog and we feed him Healthy Choice also. - Author: Mike Ditka
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#11. If you want to be an actor because you want to be recognized on the street and have people ask you for autographs, look for another career. If you want to be an actor because you love being on stage and want to capture a person's heart, go for it. - Author: Jaime Camil
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#12. Ivy rose to rinse the carafe. She leaned close to me, running the water to blur her words as she muttered, "What's wrong with her? She's crying over her tea. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#13. Polls are frequently taken to try to tease out or determine likely directions and trends, but once taken, they belong to the past, requiring that new polls be taken. - Author: Alan Dundes
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#14. I Have traveled 201 countries including Hell (Norway), and the strangest thing I've seenwas man - Author: Robert Ripley
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#15. The most disgraceful cause of the scarcity [of remedies] is that even those who know them do not want to point them out, as if they were going to lose what they pass on to others. - Author: Pliny The Elder
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