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#1. My writing is consistently influenced by everything I watched and listened to growing up, so it's just this crazy collage of everything. - Author: Michael Giacchino
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#2. Resolve to treat the things in your possession as belonging to others. - Author: Saint Basil
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#3. Brad Bird is fond of saying that music is the easiest thing that can derail a film because if it slightly goes a degree off track it will take the viewer in the wrong emotional direction. To work with people who actually care about that is a good thing. - Author: Michael Giacchino
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#4. I feel like I have a group of friends, guys could be interchanged with my neighbors from back home. These guys are really close and really tight, and it all stems from 'Wouldn't it be cool if this happened.' - Author: Michael Giacchino
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#5. The core of the film is usually something very emotional and something that feels really real that you can relate to, it's not like done in a false way. You know a lot of films will treat emotion falsely and you can sense that very quickly. - Author: Michael Giacchino
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#6. I think great filmmakers will always talk in terms of storytelling. These guys were always about the story. That is how I love to talk about a film. - Author: Michael Giacchino
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#7. As a physician, I know that human life begins with fertilization, and I remain committed to ending abortion in all stages of pregnancy. I will continue to fight this atrocity on behalf of the unborn, and I hope my colleagues will support me in doing so. - Author: Paul Broun
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#8. A lot of people have said it to me 'You made me cry.' And it was only because I cried myself when I watched the movie. - Author: Michael Giacchino
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#9. For me, I always go back to when I was 10 years old and, I think between the time I was 10 and going to high school, were some of the greatest moments for me, because I had a group of friends that I was inseparable with, who we would make movies with all the time. - Author: Michael Giacchino
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#10. We never needed best friend gear because I guess with real friends you don't have to make it official. It just is. - Author: Mindy Kaling
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#11. In fiction writing ideas have to be handled extremely carefully. You can't let your characters just be mouthpieces for your ideas. They have to live and breathe on their own. - Author: Alan Lightman
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#12. Children's books, even good picture books, are much richer than ordinary home or classroom conversation, - Author: Jim Trelease
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#13. There's a lot of different things that we do during life that could personally harm us and I choose not to stop doing those things. - Author: Laurel Clark
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#14. When are we going to realize that hating other women - no matter how much money they have or how far they've fallen - is just as bad for ourselves as it is for anyone else? - Author: Jessica Valenti
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#15. Michael Giacchino is a fiercely creative musical mind and a true 'Jurassic Park' fan. - Author: Colin Trevorrow
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#16. It can always be transformed into an avenue of information. - Author: Slick Rick
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#17. She'd cook like an angel and fuck like a whore - Author: Val McDermid
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#18. Adventure is out there, it's heading our way So grab your scarf and goggles, let's fly! I've mapped out our journey, we're up here to stay. A sunset is our home. A moonbeam we will own. My Spirit of Adventure is you! - Author: Michael Giacchino
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#19. James Horner, James Newton Howard, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Michael Giacchino, or Ramin Djawadi would all be a dream come true for a 'Throne of Glass' soundtrack. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#20. I'm not playing for other musicians. We're trying to reach the guy who works all day and wants to spend a buck at night. We'll keep him happy. - Author: Nat King Cole
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#21. Not playing by the rules, not seeing things conventionally, that's the heart of who he [ Steve Jobs] is, and he does it in small ways of everyday rebellion just almost to assert who he is, like not putting a license plate on his car. - Author: Walter Isaacson
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