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#1. I knew perfectly well at the time, as I had for years and years, that the Lord absolutely transcends any understanding I have of Him, which makes loyalty to Him a different thing from loyalty to whatever customs and doctrines and memories I happen to associate with Him. - Author: Marilynne Robinson
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#2. ground-nuts to keep you alive till I return. If any of you do not know how to clean and cook them, Captain Grant will show you. I promise you I will have all the food you want at this place - Author: Michael Joseph Canavan
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#3. Some of the most remarkable and profound worship encounters I've experienced have happened in churches with no production, no lighting, no exciting visuals or amplification, sometimes with not even a single musical instrument. - Author: Tim Hughes
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#4. I was an A student and I liked creative writing. - Author: Trisha Yearwood
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#5. Listen to Paulette's description of her own values development, and you will begin to understand her uncommon strengths and - Author: Thomas D. Kuczmarski
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#6. Unfaithful in prayer, weak in the working of the Spirit, its witness to Christ a mere formality, and unfaithful to its worldwide mission - such are the marks of a powerless church. - Author: Andrew Murray
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#7. Time, the human dimension, which makes us everything we are. - Author: Martin Amis
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#8. Only we know what we can and want to give, and only we can be responsible for drawing that line. If we do not draw it, we can quickly become resentful. - Author: Henry Cloud
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#9. What I was caught up in, I dimly understood, was the embodiment of history - Author: Peter Cunningham
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#10. You get people who come to London, sever links with where they come from, and then when they need people, there's nobody there. To feel like you can't go back home would be a horribly sad place to be, as is mistaking fame for genuine love and affection. - Author: Johnny Vegas
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#11. In some countries that are darlings of the West, like Egypt, everyone knows the result of national elections years in advance: The man in power always wins. In others, like Saudi Arabia, the very idea of an election is unthinkable. - Author: Stephen Kinzer
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#12. America champions the underdog. We champion the underdog until he's not the underdog anymore, and he annoys us. - Author: Ricky Gervais
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