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#1. I'm a confident person. I just try to be me. I like to make people laugh, I am a comedienne - so if people find me sexy, that's awesome. - Author: Ashley Tisdale
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#2. I think pattern makers are some of the most underrated, undervalued people in fashion. They're the people who are sometimes the geniuses in designing clothing. - Author: Thom Browne
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#3. What do you think of this" he asked, indicating the painting nearby.
She gave him an odd look. "I think it's an enormous painting of a dog."
He made a show of considering the picture and nodded seriously. "An astute observation. - Author: Sarah MacLean
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#4. Misers are neither relations, nor friends, nor citizens, nor Christians, nor perhaps even human beings. - Author: Jean De La Bruyere
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#5. To mature means to take responsibility for your life, to be on your own. Psychoanalysis fosters the infantile state by considering that the past is responsible for the illness. - Author: Frederick Salomon Perls
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#6. The only model to follow is pure Islam. - Author: Abu Bakar Bashir
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#7. Kubrick ate it up. He loved it. He just let me go crazy. - Author: R. Lee Ermey
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#8. To have compassion for those who suffer is a human quality which everyone should possess, especially those who have required comfort themselves in the past and have managed to find it in others. - Author: Giovanni Boccaccio
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#9. You didn't have to-"
"You are at ease now," he said, as if unaffected by the magic I could still see rippling over his fingers. He slowly released my elbow. "And your trust is critical."
I frowned. "Critical to what?"
"To me, of course," he said lightly. - Author: Anne Zoelle
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#10. Children are born optimists and we slowly educate them out of their heresy - Author: Louise Imogen Guiney
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#11. There is nothing that will add depth to despair like the feeling of deserving it. - Author: David Levithan
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#12. A crowd, whether it be a dangerous mob, or an amiably joyous gathering at a picnic is not a community. It has a mind, but no institutions, no organizations, no coherent unity, no history, no traditions. - Author: Josiah Royce
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#13. I've been waiting for techno to die. I was in Germany once and this guy was telling me that techno was dead, and then he proceeded to play me techno for hours. - Author: Kemp Muhl
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