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Top 30 Get Outta My Way Quotes

#1. Let's get outta here. Or I'm gonna put my mouth on you right here. I've been fantasizing 'bout tasting you since Thanksgiving." ~ Clay - Author: Kele Moon
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#2. And tomorrow I'm gonna pound the shit outta your cunt for talking to me like that. - Author: Crystal Spears
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#3. Lincoln said, 'With malice toward none, with charity to all.' Nowadays they say, 'Think the way I do or I'll bomb the daylights outta you.' - Author: Lionel Barrymore
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#4. Don't let any of 'em in the room 'til my guy gets what he needs. We'll be outta here before they get their gloves on.
Tea Party Teddy's Legacy - Author: Dianne Harman
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#5. What did you drop?"
"Nothing. Stand aside, Empress."
"So you were hiding."
He set his jaw, and I noticed his face was freshly shaved. It made his skin look soft.
"I've places to be," he growled. "So if you don't step outta my way, I will move your imperial figure myself. - Author: Susan Dennard
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#6. Folks love fantasy. Beasts the shit outta reality and day of the week. - Author: Garth Ennis
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#7. You didn't have to say it was gone. It was gone before it got outta here. It was going that fast. - Author: Jerry Coleman
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#8. That's why I admired that kid who spelled it wrong on purpose so he could sit down. He knew he wasn't going to win, so why stand there for 3 hours.
First round. "Cat, K-A-T, I'm outta here." Then as he passed you, "Ha! I know there's 2 T's. - Author: Brian Regan
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#9. He sips his drink and it leaves his handlebar mustache dripping like a cattle dog come outta a river. - Author: Erin Bowman
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#10. Saw him come outta the garage at you, I knew," he muttered against my skin. "I was strugglin' with it but I knew then. I knew you were my girl. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#11. Pardon my French if you're a religious man.'

'I am,' Bill said, grinning.

'Then get outta my cab and go to fucking church,' the cabbie said, and they both burst out laughing. - Author: Stephen King
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#12. You got to get outta here, Josie. New Orleans is fine for some people, real good for a few. But not for you. Too much baggage that'll pull you down. You got dreams and the potential to make 'em real. - Author: Ruta Sepetys
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#13. I was a swimsuit model, and I got bored. Acting was challenging. It was very hard and intimidating. We choose to do things in life sometimes that scare the crap outta us. Performing in front of people was my challenge. - Author: Christa Campbell
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#14. The guy has to kill the spider and get the dead mouse outta the pool. - Author: Leah Remini
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#15. Out on bail, fresh outta jail, California dreamin - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#16. Come on, Cabel," Carrie says. "Let me give you a ride, at least. Unless you want Shay to- hey, here she comes now." Carrie titters, her eyes dancing.
Cabel's eyes grow wide. He slips into the backseat of Carrie's car without a word. "Get me outta here. Fuckin' creepy cheerleaders. - Author: Lisa McMann
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#17. Erin: We get to beat the shit outta guys in those big puffy suits!!! I've always wanted to really kick the crap outta some guy's nuts. Now I can do it guilt-free!
Me: You're a sick girl.
Erin: Guilty as charged. - Author: Tammara Webber
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#18. I wouldn't throw her outta bed for eating crackers. She was all class. - Author: James McBride
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#19. When I got outta High School I was driving a truck. I was just a poor boy from Memphis, Memphis. - Author: Elvis Presley
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#20. Alrighty then. Hell of a reunion," Breccan said, separating Gage and Darius. "So, a welcome hug is outta the question. Good to know. - Author: Madison Thorne Grey
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#21. If poetry is outta style then I wish to bring it back - Author: Justin Bienvenue
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#22. Shepley threw a french fry at his cousin. "Get your lips outta my girl's ear, Trav!" "Networking! I'm networking! - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#23. When you're dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is the hardest part. You roll outta bed and down on your knees and for a moment you can hardly breathe. - Author: John Mayer
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#24. I'm fucking nuts and its contagious, get outta here. - Author: Santiago Rodriguez
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#25. Bein' rich is having leftovers. Good leftovers make yo' tongue fly outta yo' mouth and smack yo' brains out. - Author: Paula H. Deen
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#26. Please don't let it be another cop. I'm outta bail money. Wait a minute ... I could sell you on eBay and make a killing. (Mark)
Not in my current condition. You'd have to sell Caleb or Madaug. I'm sure there's someone willing to buy two perfectly good white boys. (Nick) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#27. I love her. My piano. play the sh*t outta her. - Author: Lady Gaga
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#28. I plan to use my hands, my mouth, and my cock to fuck that basic vanilla sex right outta you. - Author: Lorelei James
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#29. Guys. It's three things with you. My dick is bigger than yours, I make more money than you and I can beat the fuck outta you."

Add in I can outdrink you, outdrive you and whip your ass at cards and that's the brain of a man. - Author: Lorelei James
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#30. I JUST GOT THE CRAP BEAT OUTTA ME!!! - Author: John Cena
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