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Top 14 George Sison Quotes

#1. Rock 'n' roll is a terrible babysitter, baby.

Caitlin Moran

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#2. We ask the West to remove what they created sixty years ago [Israel] and if they do not listen to our recommendations, then the Palestinian nation and other nations will eventually do this for them.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

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#3. Whenever you observe an animal closely, you feel as if a human being sitting inside were making fun of you.

Elias Canetti

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#4. The unfortunate need people who will be kind to them; the prosperous need people to be kind to.


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#5. A. W. Tozer once said, "Eternity won't be long enough to discover all that God is or praise him for all that he's done."6

Mark Batterson

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#6. Maybe you are the key to revival in your church.

Leonard Ravenhill

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#7. I have yet to figure out whether it is I am that am crazy, or the world.

Albert Einstein

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#8. Anyone can look up at a mountain, but not everyone can look down from it.

Matshona Dhliwayo

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#9. Barack Obama's campaign of empty self-contradictory promises has apparently hoodwinked the state of Wyoming ...

Charles Foster Johnson

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#10. If we fear nothing and radiate love, we can expect good things to come.

Peace Pilgrim

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#11. [About her boyfriend Barrie] We kick each others asses. We give each other input every night.

Lana Del Rey

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#12. It's only because the data force us into corners that we are inspired to create the highly counterintuitive structures that form the basis for modern physics.

Sean Carroll

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#13. Charity is only as warm as those who administer it.

Dorothy Day

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#14. No one you love is ever truly lost.

Ernest Hemingway,

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