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#1. It's false. There is absolutely no evidence that extreme weather events are on the increase. None. The argument that more and more dollar damages accrue is a reflection of the greater amount of wealth we've created. - Author: Jerry Taylor
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#2. You just have to go after what you want and if it doesn't want you back then so be it; it doesn't deserve you anyways. - Author: Nicole Richie
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#3. one out of every three surviving human beings on Earth is one of them. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#4. Gripping. Fascinating. Entrancing. The Vesuvius Isotope is 2013's Top Thriller! - Author: Carolyn Hart
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#5. We make our purpose. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#6. Of no day can the retrospect cause pain to a good man. - Author: Martial
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#7. There would be no great men if there were no little ones. - Author: George Herbert
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#8. (We are merely narrators, and would hate to make assumptions as to what the reader would find tragic.) - Author: Cynthia Hand
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#9. Studies show that even a brief connection with a role model can vastly increase unconscious motivation. - Author: Daniel Coyle
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#10. They use the simple back and forth, the same, old rhythm
That a baby can pick up, and join, right with 'em.
But their rhymes are pathetic, they think they copacetic
Using nursery terms, at least not poetic ... - Author: Kool Keith
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#11. I'm a vegetarian who doesn't like eggplant parmesan. Isn't that awful? I'm also sick of portobello mushrooms. People are like, 'A vegetarian's coming to dinner,' so they serve those. - Author: Candy Crowley
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#12. By nominating Chuck Hagel to be his Defense secretary, President Obama is putting forward an aloof contrarian who doesn't suffer fools - a striving politician who considers himself above politics. - Author: Ron Fournier
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#13. dont take me for granted again, your been watched - thirteen reasons why - Author: Jay Asher
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#14. At times of the severest depression, humor is what binds people together. - Author: Robert Carlyle
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