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#1. There are no coincidences. The universe works in its own way to join those of us who need to be connected. - Author: Susan Barbara Apollon
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#2. Well, you know, I don't really want to trade next year. I certainly enjoyed having the jacket put on me rather than putting it on. - Author: Phil Mickelson
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#3. I have become very aware how under-represented are the stories of the underprivileged and undervalued. Our records are, in general, very male and if not always the material of the rich, certainly (for obvious reasons) the material of the literate. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#4. When a man, however passively, becomes an obstacle to the fulfillment of a woman's desires, he becomes an odious thing in her eyes, - or will, given time enough. - Author: Theodore Dreiser
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#5. If free trade can really turn all these Third World countries into thriving economies full of entrepreneurs and investors, who's gonna clean the fuckin' toilets around here? - Author: George Carlin
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#6. Put money in it's place. Money can buy you cars, houses, trinkets, fleeting sex, shallow companionship, cheap attention, and unfulfilled status. However, it can't buy you peace, love, or happiness. - Author: Ernie J Zelinski
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#7. Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#8. I knew that if I wanted to stop being a pushover I had to get comfortable with small rejections myself. That took some work, but because of it I can now say 'no' to other people with a clear conscience. - Author: Beth Ditto
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#9. It was ugly, but then ugly objects as a general rule are the bravest. - Author: Sheridan Hay
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#10. Why do tomorrow what you can do today? - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#11. Soldiers who had been in the army long enough to know what a bloody swindle war really is would begin to feel that army life was really kind of fun, as long as [General Philip] Sheridan was up front. - Author: Bruce Catton
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#12. When you're playing cards you can't constantly think about what the money costs you in the real world. You can't be constantly concerned about that if you want to be successful. - Author: Daniel Negreanu
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#13. We believe that religions are basically the same ... they only differ on matters of creation, sin, heaven, hell, God, and salvation. - Author: Steve Turner
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#14. God created woman. And boredom did indeed cease from that moment-but many other things ceased as well! - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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