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#1. Black folks never bungie jump. That's too much like lynching for us. I'm gonna let you tie a rope around me and push me off a bridge? You must be out your damn mind. - Author: D. L. Hughley
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#2. Everyone goes through all kinds of relationship situations. I'm lucky that I get to be on two comedy shows [during divorce]. - Author: Fred Armisen
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#3. My guitar is like my best friend. My guitar can get me through anything. If I can sit down and write an amazing song with my guitar about what's going on in life, then that's the greatest therapy for me. - Author: Miley Cyrus
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#4. Bolsheviks create their own difficulties which they successfully overcame later. - Author: Winston S. Churchill
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#5. I didn't sign any contracts, and I didn't see any oil. - Author: Vladimir Zhirinovsky
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#6. I was playing a Fender Telecaster when I first joined. - Author: Lindsey Buckingham
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#7. I worked with Cecil B DeMille quite a few times. - Author: Richard Farnsworth
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#8. Bring the luggage in, Thomas," Lucian ordered with a frown as he approached the front.
"What about the girl?" Thomas asked with irritation.
"That's what I meant." Lucian stepped through the open front doors of the house. - Author: Lynsay Sands
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#9. For the sake of our economy, our security, and the future of our planet, I will set a clear goal as President: in ten years, we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East. - Author: Barack Obama
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#10. Success does not come to a person's life by chance; you have to fight for it - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#11. I see no kind of reason to not just try everything. I mean, I feel like we all have such varied tastes, and to not just try our tastes is a crime. - Author: Dev Hynes
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#12. I think he would have been proud and smiling ... when we laid him to rest because his family was together. I think that was a great gift to be able to give Dad at the end. - Author: Michael Reagan
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#13. In the strategy of my school, keep your body and mind straight and make your opponent go through contortions and twist about. The essence is to defeat him in the moment when, in his mind, he is pivoting and twisting. You should examine this well. - Author: Miyamoto Musashi
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#14. I feel younger than eighteen but burdened as a eighty-year-old. - Author: Jessie Burton
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