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#1. This savoring of life is no small thing. The element of wonder is almost lost today with the onslaught of the media and gadgets of our noisy world. To let a child lose it is to make him blind and deaf to the best of life. - Author: Gladys M. Hunt
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#2. One of the goals of the Feminist Elite is to reinforce to women the idea that men are obsolete. - Author: Tammy Bruce
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#3. Brandy is one of my favorite vocalists. Jay-Z is my favorite emcee outside of Biggie. - Author: Rico Love
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#4. I tell them that if they will occupy themselves with the study of mathematics they will find in it the best remedy against the lusts of the flesh. - Author: Thomas Mann
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#5. This is the America that I love. This is a great people. We can do anything. We can achieve anything. We've got a government that has gotten in the way of the American people. We're going to change that in November. - Author: Mitt Romney
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#6. I see us milling around our lockers in Tri-County High, laughing and joking and making plans for the weekend, whispering about girls and sex and other undiscovered territories, slapping five, talking cool, dreaming our pretty little high school dreams. - Author: James Michael Rice
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#7. As thou hast created me out of mingled air and glitter, I thank thee for it.
[Ger., Wie aus Duft und Glanz gemischt
Du mich schufst, dir dank ich's heut.] - Author: Friedrich Ruckert
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#8. Do you like what you're doing/would you do it some more/or will you stop once and wonder what you're doing it for? - Author: Nick Drake
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#9. You don't dare think whole even to yourself the entirety of a dear hope or wish let alone a desperate one else you yourself have doomed it. - Author: William Faulkner
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#10. I was a brat. It was crazy, I was very picky. In other words, I didn't take advantage of what was happening. - Author: Sherilyn Fenn
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#11. He had many names, but one nature, and this unique nature made him subject to certain laws not binding upon ordinary persons. In a compensatory fashion, he was also free from certain other laws more commonly in force. - Author: John Brunner
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#12. Before my mother's tremulous anxiety I recover my composure. Now I can walk about and talk and answer questions without fear of having suddenly to lean against the wall because the world turns soft as rubber and my veins become brimstone. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
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#13. She was back on the ground, looking down at the bugs rather than up at the sky. - Author: Ann Brashares
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#14. At any period of an actor's life, it's fairly likely that they'll be cast in ways that are reminiscent. That's the way it goes. - Author: Ben Mendelsohn
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#15. No problem is ever solved in the same consciousness thas was used to create it. - Author: Albert Einstein
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