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#1. Sprawled, bloody, holding the pistol, he looked like a police photograph of a suicide. Dart went back to his chair and picked up the Smith and Wesson. Five minutes passed like a year. - Author: Mal Peet
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#2. Gazzy sniffed the air. "That's explosives. It smells like Christmas!"
Okay, so we've had somewhat untraditional Christmases. With explosives. - Author: James Patterson
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#3. Poetry is a separate language, or more specifically, a language within a language. - Author: Paul Valery
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#4. Angel raised her hand. "Excuse me. What does LTC stand for?" She blinked innocently.
"Loving Tender Care?"Gazzy suggested.If our instructor had had lasers for eyes, he would have sliced Gazzy in half.
"Lieutenant colonel," he sputtered. - Author: James Patterson
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#5. She shrugged. "I'm surprised your mother didn't inform you of my presence. Or Belle. She has spoken about you a great deal."
His eyes narrowed as his heart sank. "You've become friendly with Belle?" He saw all his hopes for a flirtation with this girl going up in smoke. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#6. I vill now destroy de Snickuhs bahs!"-Gazzy - Author: James Patterson
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#7. I had an unspoken treaty with myself to never lie in my lyrics, so, for a long time, when I wrote love songs, I would use genderless pronouns, like "dear" and "darling" - like some kind of granny! - Author: Arca
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#8. Glaring at the Gasman, ter Borcht said, "Your time is coming to an end, you
pathetic failure of an experiment. Vhat you say now is how you vill be
Gazzy's blue eyes flashed. "Then you can remember me telling you to kiss
"Enough!" ter Borcht said. - Author: James Patterson
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#9. The big discoveries raise questions that make astronomers work feverishly and argue with an agitation that verges on rudeness. - Author: Nigel Calder
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#10. They call me, The Sharkalator - Author: James Patterson
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#11. While I personally believe strongly in the philosophy and ideology of the Free Software movement, you can't win people over just on philosophy; you have to have a better product, too. - Author: Matt Mullenweg
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#12. Gazzy called over to me "I can't see anything!"
"I can't see anything either," Iggy complained.
"I'm rolling my eyes, Ig." I had to tell him that because he couldn't see me do it, what with his blindness and all. - Author: James Patterson
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#13. Bruised, she spent the night with him; bruised, too, he held her as close as he could. It was all done, promised, and decided on. - Author: Henry H. Roth
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#14. I want to know about my mom. And other stuff. I want to know the whole story, good or bad."
"Me, too," said Gazzy. "I want to find my parents so I can tell'm what total scuzzes they are. Like, 'Hi, mom and dad, you're such scum! - Author: James Patterson
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#15. She could read the phone book and make it sound erotic. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#16. Every bit of pain and joy you have ever known lifts you up, and every moment you have lived comes together, and that is who you are, as you lie dying - Author: Christy Ann Conlin
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#17. Gazzy: "What does that mean?" (points to metal plaque warning to stay off the third rail that said Stay off the third rail!)
Fang: "It means the third rail has seven hundred volts of direct current running through it. Touch it and you're human popcorn. - Author: James Patterson
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#18. Huh - Why is Max in the kitchen?"
Dr.Martinez: "We're cooking."
Gazzy: "She's just keeping you company, right?"
Dr.Martinez: "No, she's cooking."
Nudge: "Cooking ... food?"
Max: "Yes, I'm cooking food, and it's great, and you're going to eat it, you twerps! - Author: James Patterson
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#19. Okeydokey," I said to myself. "Provisions, check. Clothes, check. Enough explosives to pose a legitimate threat to multiple small countries-" I eyed the duffel bags that Gazzy and Iggy had packed- "check. - Author: James Patterson
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#20. I am the biggest anachronism on Planet Earth. - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
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#21. I left the University of Chicago's creative writing program for a tenure-track job at DePauw University in Indiana, then left DePauw in 2010 for Los Angeles. - Author: Nic Pizzolatto
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#22. We are what the past has made us. We are what the future will make us. Live now. Right now. - Author: Tom Hiddleston
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#23. Girls are more academically powerful. They make the grades, they run the student activities, they are the valedictorians. - Author: Christina Hoff Sommers
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#24. Nope, you stick out like a fart in a church. - Author: James Patterson
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#25. Gazzy: Captain, like the captain of a ship. And then Terror, you know, T-E-R-O-R. - Author: James Patterson
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#26. Gazzy: (Hugging himself and jumping up and down) "I'm brilliant! I'm a genius! I can blow up the world!"
Max: (Raises her eyebrows)
Gazzy: "Not that I would want to, of course," (coughs) - Author: James Patterson
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#27. We're headed for the South Pole!" Gazzy jumped over the low threshold into our room from the boys' room next door. "And it's, like, so far south that it's the bottom of the whole world. - Author: James Patterson
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#28. I want to do it too!" said Gazzy, sitting very, very quietly, completely motionless.
"Nope," said Nudge, shaking her head. "You stand out like a fart in church. - Author: James Patterson
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#29. Gazzy, man, jeezum!" Fang exclaimed. "What the heck have you been eating for God's sake?"
That was a smoke bomb!" Gazzy defended himself. "Not even i could fill this whole flippin' house! - Author: James Patterson
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#30. Max, you're the last of the hybrids who still has ... a soul.' ... 'She doesn't have soul,' Gazzy scoffed. 'Have you ever seen her dance? - Author: James Patterson
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#31. Gazzy: "Just Ten?"
Angel: "No."
Gazzy: "Five?"
Angel: "No. - Author: James Patterson
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