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#1. The weaker I am, the harder I must lean on God's grace; the harder I lean on him, the stronger I discover him to be, and the bolder my testimony to his grace. - Author: Joni Eareckson Tada
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#2. Acid is not for every brain ... Only the healthy, happy, wholesome, handsome, hopeful, humorous, high-velocity should seek these experiences. This elitism is totally self-determined. Unless you are self-confident, self-directed, self-selected, please abstain. - Author: Timothy Leary
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#3. Beautiful," Grillo said.
"Would Swift approve?"
"Fuck Swift."
"Somebody should have. - Author: Clive Barker
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#4. step between the gateposts of the forest with the greatest trepidation and infinite precautions, for if you stray from the path for one instant, the wolves will eat you. They are grey as famine, they are as unkind as plague. The - Author: Angela Carter
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#5. No militia or political leader is so powerful - his name never so influential - as when he is dead, enshrined on wall posters and gateposts amid naively painted clusters of tulips and roses, the final artistic accolade of every armed martyr in Lebanon. - Author: Robert Fisk
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#6. After months of want and hunger, we suddenly found ourselves able to have meals fit for the gods, and with appetites the gods might have envied. - Author: Ernest Shackleton
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#7. Out of his private victories, public victories began to come. - Author: Stephen R. Covey
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#8. Impact of this makeover has been to significantly impede historical research, and it is one of Ataturk's most devastating accomplishments. - Author: Eric Bogosian
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#9. I simply described him in accurate terms. If he finds himself insulted by the truth, it's hardly my concern. A - Author: Jim Butcher
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#10. Lauga had asked Margret whether she thought there would be an outward hint of the evil that drives a person to murder. Evidence oft he Devil: a herelip, a snaggletooth, a birthmark; some small outer defect. There must be a warning, some way of knowing, so that honest people could keep their guard. - Author: Hannah Kent
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#11. In laboring to be concise, I become obscure.
[Lat., Brevis esse laboro, obscurus fio.] - Author: Horace
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#12. It is well for us if we have learned to listen to the sweet persuasion of the Beatitudes, but there are crises in all lives which require also the emphatic "Thou shalt not" of the decalogue which the founders wrote on the gateposts of their commonwealth. - Author: John Greenleaf Whittier
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#13. I am not the center of the universe. And it's a lesson that I keep having to learn; it's my ongoing work, I'd say. And being in a career that is predicated on a degree of self-absorption, that is a tricky thing to negotiate sometimes. - Author: Patrick Fabian
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