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#1. The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential. - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#2. In lang, lang days o' simmer,
When the clear and cloudless sky
Refuses ae weep drap o' rain
To Nature parched and dry,
The genial night, wi' balmy breath,
Gars verdue, spring anew,
An' ilka blade o' grass
Keps its ain drap o' dew. - Author: James Ballantine
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#3. Recent studies found bitter melon an "effective anti-diabetic" as powerful as pharmaceuticals in helping to regulate blood sugar. - Author: Dan Buettner
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#4. Americans have never admitted that guns may serve a moral purpose as well as votes. - Author: T.R. Fehrenbach
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#5. For Be the best in the world is not possible to be the worst in the world is also not possible, in between is always possible. That is what I am , nothing is impossible for me. - Author: Jan Jansen
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#6. tonight the gars on trees are swords in the hands of knights
the stars are like twenty-seven dancing russians and the wind
is - Author: Frank Stanford
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#7. Ah, gentle dames! it gars me greet To think how monie counsels sweet, How monie lengthened sage advices, The husband frae the wife despises. - Author: Robert Burns
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#8. If you're associated with the Philadelphia media or town, you look for negatives. I don't know if there's something about their upbringing or they have too many hoagies, or too much cream cheese. - Author: Mike Schmidt
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#9. Gars auld claes look amaist as weel's the new. - Author: Robert Burns
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#10. No one reaches the kingdom of Heaven except by humility - Author: Saint Augustine
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#11. Best of all, he gave us a rule of thumb about information in the markets that I later found useful: "Those who say don't know, and those who know don't say. - Author: Michael Lewis
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#12. War makes thieves and peace hangs them. - Author: George Herbert
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