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#1. Gangsta rappers can't fight, so they rap about guns. - Author: Sean Price
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#2. I don't think my music really provokes that kind of energy that makes people want to grab AKs and rally through the streets. I don't think my music is gangsta in that sense. - Author: Fashawn
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#3. I'm the gangsta Nancy Sinatra. - Author: Lana Del Rey
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#4. Gangsta to us didn't have anything to do with Al Capone and stuff like that. It's just about living your life the way you want to live it. And you're not going to let nothing stop you. - Author: Ice Cube
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#5. When you understand the mechanincs of stress and master the techniques to manipulate someone's fears and dreams, you will be powerful. - Author: Gregory Hartley
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#6. It doesn't matter if someone calls you a bad bitch, boss bitch, gangsta bitch, whatever, you're still being called a bitch and if you like it then they are right. You are a bitch. A dumb one at that. Yeah, I said it. - Author: Sa'id Salaam
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#7. Nobody cares if I die for fighting Marathi breed. - Author: Kjiva
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#8. I would suggest that teachers show their students concrete examples of the negative effects of the actions that gangsta rappers glorify. - Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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#9. Who gave it that title, gangsta rap? It's reality rap. It's about what's really going on. - Author: Eazy-E
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#10. Hey, man, I'm old school. Don't make me bust out the Easy-E and the N.W.A I will got straight up gangsta on your ass. No one is more hardcore than a rich, suburban white girl. - Author: Alice Clayton
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#11. If thousands of Marathi people follow me that means they want revolution on Marathi land. - Author: Kjiva
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#12. If by weirdo he meant that Nick didn't play grab-ass with the wannabes on the street corner, didn't yank at his crotch and call girls bitches, didn't wear oversized jerseys and pretend to be a gangsta all day, then yeah, Nick had to agree. - Author: Brom
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#13. There were copies on the table. Ten-A-Fly dressed like Snoop Dogg on a bender making gangsta hand signs that made one think not so much of intimidation as an unusual state of palsy. - Author: Harlan Coben
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#14. I always saw two sides of life. I saw the dudes who would be the gangsta, big-time guys on the block, but would also be dedicated fathers. It was kind of weird to see that dual story that everybody has. - Author: Lupe Fiasco
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#15. No one survived on the streets without a protective mask. No one survived naked. You had to have a role. You had to be "thug," "playa," "athlete," "gangsta," or "dope man." Otherwise, there was only one role left to you: "victim. - Author: Jerry Heller
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#16. fusing themselves into a single new genre about partying all night with gangsta bitches screwing cowboys to the nasty beat that leads to Jesus. - Author: Tim Dorsey
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#17. 'Gangsta rap' is a derogatory label. - Author: Coolio
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#18. I'm in prison. But my heart and mind is free. Gangsta haters on the streets are doing more time than me. They need 30 police escorts with them every time they walk down the street. - Author: Suge Knight
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#19. I've been called everything. Gangsta rap. I've been called conscious rap. You know, everything. Whoever feels like calling it whatever they want to call it, that's on them. - Author: Nas
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#20. If the KKK was smart enough, they would've created gangsta rap because it's such a caricature of black culture and black masculinity. - Author: Jackson Katz
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#21. I'm not a gangsta rapper. I rap about things that happen to me. I got shot five times. People was trying to kill me. - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#22. Well, follow who you want to follow. It depends on what your fantasies are. You understand. People have different fantasies in life. The suburban culture. Always dream of being gangstas. - Author: MC Hammer
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#23. Some people say I'm conscious, some say I'm a gangsta rapper - it's just me doing me. I'm stomping in my own lane. I'm doing what I do. - Author: Nas
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#24. The only thing intimidating about Cube is that he's the father of gangsta' rap. You just worry about getting your lines right, or he might shoot you. - Author: Terry Crews
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#25. I'm trap in marriage with gangsta rhyme and my street life. - Author: Kjiva
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#26. The day Obama got elected, the gangsta became less relevant. - Author: Jay-Z
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#27. Part of my affinity with urban music comes from being on 'Kids Incorporated,' 'cos we used to sit around and listen to Chaka Khan and Prince, and I got influenced by all that. Then gangsta rap got started, and I was infatuated with that - maybe that's why I'm fascinated by guns. - Author: Fergie
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#28. I don't consider myself a gangsta rapper. But I'm probably more qualified to be a gangsta rapper than people who call themselves that. I've been through that life. - Author: Coolio
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#29. I am like any other man. All I do is supply a demand. - Author: Al Capone
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#30. Gangsta rap was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other. Gangsta rap didnt exist. - Author: Alicia Keys
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#31. We gotta flip the script on what a gangsta is - if you ain't a gardener, you ain't gangsta. - Author: Ron Finley
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#32. Get rich or die trying - Author: 50 Cent
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#33. Shoot first, ask questions last. That's how these so called gangsta's last. - Author: Waka Flocka Flame
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#34. I think people see me definitely as a "gangsta" rapper, and what people love about me is when they meet me and they meet me again later, I'm the same dude they spoke to and ain't nothing changed. - Author: Sheek Louch
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#35. In my head, I was getting 'gangsta,' which I've always felt showed greater intent than getting 'gangster' in that it expresses a willful unlawfulness even upon its own linguistic representation. - Author: Mat Johnson
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#36. But, Eminem ... No, I've loved rap for a long time, especially when it got out of its first period and became this gangsta rap, ya know this heavy rap thing? That's when I started to fall in love with it. I loved the lyrics. I loved the beat. - Author: Alan Vega
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#37. Laugh with fake id's but i have permanent license of pain in eyes - Author: Kjiva
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#38. I'm not really gangsta. Not at all. I just write about them. It's fun to pretend, at least on paper. But in real life, not so much. - Author: Terence Winter
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#39. So, Santa's gone gangsta? - Author: S.J. Harper
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#40. Gangsta rappers, they call them. Not nearly as gangsta as the things that inspire them.. you know, a gangsta government that we operate under. - Author: Russell Simmons
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#41. I believe gangsta rap, as such, in its foundation is simply anti-systemic and transgressive. - Author: Bocafloja
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#42. What's up, gangstas? It's the M-I-Double-Tizzle. - Author: Mitt Romney
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#43. Black Mafia. If they don't understand that, they ain't gangsta. I just watched TV and Bill Parcells kissed two or three of them boys ... it's a Mafia thing. - Author: Lil' Wayne
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#44. CLOTHES SWITCH How would the story change if the characters were dressed differently - preppy, gangsta rapper-style? ETHNIC/RACE SWITCH What if the characters were given different ethnicities or races? How would that change the story? EMOTION SWITCH - Author: Maureen McLaughlin
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#45. It's time for the bully pulpit of the White House to bring the gangstas in, put them around the table and let them know that if they don't come up with loan modifications and keep people in their homes that they've worked so hard for, we're gonna tax them out of business. - Author: Maxine Waters
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#46. Dealing with pain for surviving on this thirsty concrete - Author: Kjiva
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#47. I don't think any gay dude is gangsta, period. - Author: Method Man
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#48. I've always been noted for being original and doing different thing. So for me to hop on the train that's going on would be - shoot, if I wanted to hop on the train, I might as well have hopped on gangsta rap back when it was popular and tried to do that. - Author: Will Ferrell
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#49. There are rap groups that have a positive outlook in their art. These groups should be shown as an alternative to gangsta rap. - Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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#50. Best friends are the chicks who make your problems theirs so you guys can form a gangsta posse and beat those problems to hell. - Author: Celia Kyle
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#51. What is MTV doing and what is the hegemonic culture industry promoting in gangsta rap? It is the glorification of violence for the sake of violence, the violence itself, like consumption for the sake of consumption, hypermasculinity writ-large with an adapted potency. - Author: Bocafloja
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#52. Marvin wasn't a beat-box gangsta-rapper-bitch, but a stressed invalid in a town not equipped with ramps. - Author: Jonathan Dunne
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#53. Boris laughed, and threw out some fake-looking gang sign. "Suit yourself, yo," he said, in his "gangsta" voice (discernible from his regular voice only by the hand gesture and the "yo") as he got up and roll-walked out. "Nigga gotz to eat. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#54. I believe a lot in gangsta rap, I see in it a lot of positive things as it is. I believe it is only about doing politicization work. Revolutionary change will come from there, it won't come from conscious rap. - Author: Bocafloja
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#55. Everything I do is going to be gangsta rap, street based, street oriented ... I'm from Gary, Indiana, and everybody's damn near at the poverty level. - Author: Freddie Gibbs
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#56. I bet Eazy E is turning over in his grave,
to see that some of ya'll done made gangsta rap gay - Author: DJ Quik
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#57. I am a gangsta, Ms. Katie. I don't take nothing from no one. I do what I wanna do. - Author: Lil' Wayne
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#58. As long as there's a demand for gangsta rap, it will be supplied. - Author: T.I.
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#59. If the truth is told, the youth can grow
Then learn to survive until they gain control
Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes
Read more learn more, change the globe - Author: Nas
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#60. A few moments later Marcus was a member of a fairly exclusive club. He had no idea how many people had been firsthand witnesses to not one but two lion attacks, but he thought that the number would be very, very small. Gangsta, baby, he thought, and wet himself. - Author: Scott Hawkins
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#61. To me, the 90's signaled the end of glam rock, the beginning of gangsta rap, and hopefully the beginning and end of boy bands. - Author: Shane West
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#62. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it usually aspiring gangsta rappers who set such store by designer labels? - Author: Lynne Truss
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#63. Never was a gangsta, till I graduated to one. - Author: Eminem
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#64. Steve.She came from a gangsta'slineage; her pops was"that nigga! - Author: Leo Sullivan
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#65. Now I've got the world swingin' from my nuts
And damn it feels good to be a gangsta! - Author: Willie D
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