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Top 21 Gangs New York Quotes

#1. As a young kid I was in love with breakdancing. I practiced the uprock style, which is a battle style of dance that looks like fighting. It comes from the gangs in New York in the 1960s and '70s. It's beautiful, almost like a martial art, and it can be funny, too, because you make fun of each other. - Author: Jose Parla
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#2. I could probably do a documentary on acting classes; I've taken so many. - Author: Ahna O'Reilly
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#3. I don't have to beat you. I don't have to beat you, motherfucker. I just have to keep you here ... until Jean shows up. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#4. Where you can never sleep because of noisy brain.No matter how tired you are. It's impossible to accomplish anything but lying here in bed. Frustrated and victimized at three in the morning. - Author: Susane Colasanti
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#5. Certain kinds of people become Republicans and certain kinds of people become Democrats, and ... it's more than a matter of party affiliation. It's a way of thinking and being. - Author: Marya Mannes
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#6. In all relationships there are always aching holes and that's where the impossible wishes come into it ... - Author: Robert Smith
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#7. If a penny can bring luck and a dime can grant a wish, how come my eleven cents hasn't bought me what I need. - Author: Kasie West
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#8. And also, to encompass the madness within, let us reach forth our minds. - Author: Rae La Rae
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#9. He gritted his teeth at the newest rumble, knowing what was happening, and looked back at Victoria. "I'll never say this again, but... wrap your arms around Gabriel, keep him close. - Author: Katie Reus
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#10. The first gang members who joined the military were known as the Hounds, a group of former New York gang members. - Author: Carter F. Smith
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#11. I think that sometimes things just get confusing and we get lost, and sometimes you can't figure out which path is the right path ... which is the right decision. Quit or move forward. Heal or break. Fight or die.I'm still figuring that out. - Author: Jessica Sorensen
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#12. How was it they had cut to Hollywood Boulevard for a fluff piece and ended up with Gangs of New-Fucking-York?! Bonnie looked to her co-Anchor. He was wearing a good mouth for cooling soup. - Author: David Louden
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#13. West Side Story was terribly important because of the style of the dancing and the gangs of New York. - Author: Vincente Minnelli
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#14. I have a tendency to trust translators, mainly because nobody does it for the money. - Author: Juan Gabriel
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#15. One cannot escape the feeling that these mathematical formulas have an independent existence and an intelligence of their own, that they are wiser than we are, wiser even than their discoverers ... - Author: Heinrich Hertz
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#16. I did 'Gangs of New York' with Martin Scorsese, and they used to call me 'Little Joe Pesci' on the set. - Author: Stephen Graham
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#17. My father had this mythological sense of the old New York, and he used to tell me stories about these old gangs, particularly the Forty Thieves in the Fourth Ward. - Author: Martin Scorsese
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#18. Democracy
rule by the people
sounds like a fine thing; we should try it sometime in America. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#19. I guess I'm entertaining; I guess I'm interesting. I guess the things that I say sell papers. I guess they sell magazines. I don't know. - Author: Tracy Morgan
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#20. We left my birthplace, Brooklyn, New York, in 1939 when I was 13. I enjoyed the ethnic variety and the interesting students in my public school, P.S. 134. The kids in my neighborhood were only competitive in games, although unfriendly gangs tended to define the limits of our neighborhood. - Author: Irwin Rose
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#21. Filmmaking is a miracle of collaboration. - Author: James McAvoy
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