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#1. He was hard and tough and wiry - just the sort that won't say die -
There was courage in his quick impatient tread;
And he bore the badge of gameness in his bright and fiery eye,
And the proud and lofty carriage of his head. - Author: A.B. Paterson
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#2. God can't force his children to become like him. It's something they have to want, a blessing they have to fight for and be willing to sacrifice to attain. - Author: Chris Stewart
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#3. A child gets vaccinated and soon after, autism symptoms emerge. The apparent cause-and-effect is understandable but erroneous - more a coincidence of the calendar and childhood developmental stages than anything else, as repeated and exhaustive studies have shown. - Author: Jeffrey Kluger
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#4. All I am is smoke and mirrors ... - Author: Tuomas Holopainen
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#5. In a relationship, believe me, it's important to have a clear past to secure a bright future. - Author: Sajan Kc.
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#6. Few people know this about me, but I love baking pies. - Author: Hilary Swank
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#7. In positions of strategic manoeuvring (where time is not of decisive importance) seek the worst-placed piece. Activating that piece is often the most reliable way of improving your position as a whole. - Author: Mark Dvoretsky
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