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Top 14 Gallup Strengthsfinder Quotes

#1. And you know once a man has fished, or watched the thrushes hovering in flocks over the village in the bright, cool, autumn days, he can never really be a townsman, and to the day of his death he will be drawn to the country. - Author: Anton Chekhov
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#2. Do everything as if it's the last thing you're ever going to do. And then just let go. - Author: Art Hochberg
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#3. The Other Him gave a creepy look that bordered on pity. Oh, you poor baby. Which was surreel. Was that what Hradie looked like when he was trying to look sympathetic? No wonder everybody seemed to want to punch him in the face. - Author: Duane Swierczynski
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#4. You know, Balzac once described bureaucracy as a giant mechanism operated by pygmies." "What'd your buddy Balzac have to say about inadmissible evidence?" "Not a lot. I think he considered the subject beneath him. - Author: Craig Johnson
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#5. For Beatrice- I would much prefer it if you were alive and well. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#6. We are at war to liberate Iraq, to protect the people of the United States and other countries from the devastating impact of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction being used by terrorists or the Iraqi government to kill thousands of innocent civilians. - Author: Paul Cellucci
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#7. Irish fathers still have certain responsibilities, and by the time my two daughters turned seven, they could swim, ride a bike, sing at least one part of a Woody Guthrie song, and recite all of W. B. Yeats's 'The Song of Wandering Aengus.' - Author: Adrian McKinty
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#8. I have so much respect for my mom and all the women across the world. - Author: Jessica Simpson
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#9. It was more just about serving the song, which is sort of the way that we work in general. We wanna do the best that we can with it and make it the most interesting to our ears. And putting auto-tune on 'California English', was just one reflection of that. - Author: Chris Baio
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#10. It is thus superstition infatuates man from his infancy, fills him with vanity, and enslaves him with fanaticism. - Author: Baron D'Holbach
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#11. He looked like he might break out into an irate merengue any minute. Patrick Swayze reincarnated. - Author: Kate Meader
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#12. The thing about losing any loved one, I think, particularly in a long disease, is that you know that other people have gone through it and are going through it, but I think for every person it feels unique. - Author: Patti Davis
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#13. Israel was born out of Jewish Terrorism - Author: Gerald Kaufman
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#14. If you come into contact with that rare once in a lifetime opportunity, instantly own it, remember all it takes is a slight pondering moment for a stake to be placed, the opportunity can and will easily be claimed by another. - Author: Victoria Addino
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