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#1. Music originally had a social function. You were in church, in a concert hall, a marching band; you were dancing. I'm concerned that music could be too separated from its roots and just become a pleasure-giving experience, like a drug. - Author: Oliver Sacks
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#2. No man ought to own more property than needed for his livelihood; the rest, by right, belonged to the state. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#3. Success needs no authorization, yet failure requires permission. - Author: T.F. Hodge
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#4. Nothing takes place in the world whose meaning is not that of some maximum or minimum. - Author: Leonhard Euler
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#5. An actor knows two important things - to be honest in what he is doing and to be in touch with the audience. That's not bad advice for a politician either. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#6. Listen, I don't want things to get weird, okay."
"Oh, yeah, no, weird is bad."
"But just so you and I are clear, I really fucking want to kiss you right now. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#7. The old adage about giving a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish has been updated by a reader: Give a man a fish and he will ask for tartar sauce and French fries! Moreover, some politician who wants his vote will declare all these things to be among his 'basic rights.' - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#8. Oooooo ... pity. My favorite snack next to dog shit. Lucian Roman - Author: Laura Wright
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