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#1. Have you seen some of the women - and the men - in Los Angeles? They pay surgeons to make them look completely different in the hope of finding their youth. But youth comes from within. If you have a young attitude, then that can show in your face, the way you walk and move. - Author: Kim Cattrall
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#2. Fortune is never satisfied with bringing one sorrow. - Author: Publilius Syrus
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#3. When someone gives the hospital a gift of $5 and you know he can afford less than that, thank him profusely. When someone gives the hospital a gift of $5,000 and you know he could afford five times that, say "that will help." - Author: Thomas Watson Jr.
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#4. The ants are bad" The Bear
"the ants?"Tahir
"Do not be fooled. They look very small, so harm you don't think of then at all. Then years. Then one day you wake up, and your home has fallen down." Osman. - Author: Tahir Shah
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#5. So you came over here to say hi? Are you that friendly to all the girls around here? Or just the ones in bikinis? - Author: Evelyn Smith
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#6. Fear is a real enemy. What does it do?
It buys our coffin long before we are destined to die. - Author: Sri Chinmoy
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#7. After this, I took private lessons in Italian from an elementary school teacher. He gave me themes to write about, and some of them turned out so well that he told me to publish them in a newspaper. - Author: Grazia Deledda
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#8. The hardest obstacle I've ever had to overcome is probably my first steps into adulthood: paying rent, groceries, cooking, taxes. I was so anxious to grow up, and now I'm wishing I was still a kid. - Author: Dillon Lane
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