Top 10 Gabe Lewis Quotes

#1. That day, so many wept. Young and old, friends and strangers, black and white, men and women wept. The angels wept. Jesus wept. Coach Gabe Lewis, though, with his eyes on the lilies, shed not a single tear.

Nathan Barber

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#2. Battles, in these ages, are transacted by mechanism; with the slightest possible development of human individuality or spontaneity; men now even die, and kill one another, in an artificial manner.

Thomas Carlyle

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#3. I think that they participated in something that was not very proper and was very pitiful, not only for the Algerian people, but also for the other people who counted on our support.

Ahmed Ben Bella

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#4. What makes man most unhappy is to be deprived not of that which he had, but of that which he did not have, and did not really know.

Jacques Maritain

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#5. There is nothing more romantic than this. Holding the very person that you thought you lost, and knowing you'll never lose them again.

Taylor Jenkins Reid

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#6. My teachings are easy to understand
and easy to put into practice.
Yet your intellect will never grasp them,
and if you try to practice them,you'll fail.
My teachings are older than the world.
How can you grasp their meaning?
If you want to know me,
Look inside your heart.


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#7. Life isn't a tiptoe through the tulips.

Shannon Hoon

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#8. There is no need to worry about mere size. We do not necessarily respect a fat man more than a thin man. Sir Isaac Newton was very much smaller than a hippopotamus, but we do not on that account value him less.

Bertrand Russell

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#9. Common sense best dictates when balancing our needless and negative fear-driven worries with appropriate preparation and responsible readiness.

Connie Kerbs

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#10. If only we could have them back as babies today, now that we have some idea what to do with them.

Nancy Mairs

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