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Top 19 Funny Wishing You Well Quotes

#1. It's a funny thing, one day you're living and the next day you're not sometimes, whether you have plans or not. Wishes and wants get trumped by the reaper every time. I don't even know if I would want a warning if it was my time. I think I'd rather be surprised. - Author: Dan Groat
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#2. Being in public with May and the children was too heavy. I was irreversibly tuned in to everyone around us. - Author: Sammy Davis Jr.
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#3. I think my work is optimistic - as much as it is pathetic and funny and sad and ridiculous, at the end of the day it's about the hope that something will go right, and the constant wishing for a world where things might start to make sense. - Author: Laurel Nakadate
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#4. That she now had a kind of uniform and a set of tools made everything that much easier and much less about her particular feelings, for tasks requiring clothes and accoutrements were by definition objective, even scientific, in nature. - Author: Gordon Dahlquist
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#5. What do you mean 'speaking of fairy tales'? Since when do fairy tales include gigolos?" Annie asked.
"Well, since most fairy-tale princes are either gay or weirdly attached to their mommies, I think Walt Disney should seriously consider their inclusion," Sophie answered. - Author: Elle Aycart
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#6. Someone had to change the world. And obviously I was the one for the job. - Author: Joan Baez
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#7. Fredrika Bimm, what do you think you're doing?"
"Freaking out. Losing my mind. Thinking about snapping your husband's spine. Squashing the urge to vomit. Wishing I had died at childbirth."
"Oh, you say that when you don't get a prize in your Lucky Charms. - Author: MaryJanice Davidson
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#8. Such a funny thing, time. You spend your whole life wishing there was more or less of it, never realizing that the time already given could be worth more than that which you wished for." -Davina - Author: Moryah DeMott
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#9. I would never become an alcoholic like my father because my father deserted us. But diseases, there's no let up. - Author: Malachy McCourt
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#10. Seek art from every time and place, in any form, to connect with those who really move you. - Author: Martha Beck
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#11. I got an almost clear peripheral look at the guy's left fist. I might could recognize his pinkie." * - Author: Darynda Jones
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#12. Wishing he'd...get the hell out the door before I do something crazy like ask him to whip out his goober. - Author: Stephanie McAfee
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#13. The sight of a tree at night full of glowing Clabbert lifestyles, while decorative, attracted too many Muggles wishing to ask why their neighbours still had their Christmas lights up in June. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#14. Look not to have your sepulchre built in after ages hy the same foolish hands which still ever destroy the living prophet. Small honour for you if they do build it; and may be they never will build it. - Author: James Anthony Froude
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#15. So I have an Indian heart if I do something illegal?'
No, you have an Indian heart if you understand the limitations of our resources and are willing to step out of the man-made boundaries of the law to help someone. - Author: Anirban Bose
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#16. It is impossible for one man both to labor day and night to get a living, and at the same time give himself to the study of sacred learning as the preaching office requires. - Author: Martin Luther
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#17. Arch turned and looked at Ian. The other man was fiddling with the neckline of his shirt. "You're just jealous, Ian, and wishing you had a soul mate of your own. In fact, I don't think any woman will be safe until you get one." Ian shot him an unamused look at his words. - Author: Rose Wynters
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#18. Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky. - Author: Sonia Gandhi
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#19. Quill pinched the bridge of his nose, wishing Ivy would stop using the word "nude. - Author: Manda Collins
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