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#1. One of my fears is that I'm suddenly not going to be funny, but still think I am. That's like my nightmare that I can wake up in a cold sweat from. - Author: Judd Apatow
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#2. I was rather a goody-goody as a child ... It was only later on I discovered that you could be naughty and get away with it. - Author: Alan Hollinghurst
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#3. I hope we find a cure for every major disease, because I'm tired of walking 5K. I'm pretty sure I don't have to sweat for cancer. I'll write a check. - Author: Daniel Tosh
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#4. I like Kinko's, because they're open 24 hours. If it's 5 am and I decide I need two of something, I'm covered! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, and then I think, "Oh, yeah. Kinko's. No problem. That will not remain singular." - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#5. Taxes are paid in the sweat of every man who labors. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
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#6. I shivered as the cold was all encompassing, not just from being outdoors, but from being read as well. He had a way of seeing through me. It was as unnerving as it was bonding and I couldn't figure out how the two could co-exist. - Author: Donna Lynn Hope
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#7. I don't know, the word 'famous' just sounds really weird to me, because I'm just me. - Author: Zoe Sugg
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#8. Ladies glisten, men perspire, horses sweat.

-Early Nun Quote, The Old Ursuline Convent (1727)
New Orleans, LA - Author: Diana Hollingsworth Gessler
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#9. Wiping the rivulet of sweat running down my ear with the bottom of my muscle shirt, I snuck a sniff under my pit. Whoa. Kill a moose - Author: Julie Anne Peters
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#10. What in the world? I stare at him, my mouth open. I never said you had an STD! - Author: Jenny Han
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#11. I like to hang out with my friends. I love music. I like to go to the movies. I like to eat. I like to cook. - Author: Joan Jett
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#12. Jehovah's Witness? Don't sweat it. I'm going to hell, already booked my ticket. Bright side? I'm pagan. Your hell is my heaven ... if for no other reason than you won't be there. - Author: Dennis Sharpe
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#13. I would say that I'm more than just a teeny-bopper artist ... that my music can appeal to people of all ages. - Author: Drake Bell
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#14. He found it was as easy to hurl beauty as anything else. (On Robert Mapplethorpe) - Author: Patti Smith
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#15. Here's a thought for sweat shop owners: Air Conditioning. Problem solved. - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#16. It's funny, I do try to maintain health. I started doing Bikram yoga which is that hothouse yoga, the 105 degrees yoga for 90 minutes. It's great, you purge out all the sweat and you're drinking water. - Author: Bryan Cranston
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#17. Seek the opportunity to act on your ideas and dreams. - Author: W. Arthur Porter
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#18. I've got to get this stuff out of my system. No, more than that, much more. I've got to get my system out of my system. That's what I've got to do. - Author: Martin Amis
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#19. Before the Greeks were the Tamils. The Tamils are one of the oldest civilizations that's still surviving. - Author: M.I.A.
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#20. But we were interested in how our lives could mean something to the past. We sailed into the past. - Author: Michael Ondaatje
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#21. I have always been a critic of government policy. I was in government for more than five years. Before that I was a critic. Within the government I was a critic, pushing for reform and always at odds with power brokers within the party. - Author: Jonathan Moyo
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#22. He nuzzled my neck, inhaling deeply. "Mmm. You smell so good."

"Oh, yeah," I said, smirking. "I call this new perfume 'Le Jungle grime et tropical BO.' "

"Dirt and sweat. Very sexy. - Author: James Patterson
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