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#1. I felt betrayed and absolutely livid, but my body wasn't smart enough to know it. It had liked the feel of his hands, wanted more of it, wanted it now. It was almost like there were two of me, one who heartily approved of the mage and one who would have dearly loved to see him dead. - Author: Karen Chance
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#2. I'm saying that there's way more to 9/11 than mainstream media and our government have told us. - Author: Jesse Ventura
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#3. I felt how important the simplest things were, like feeling proud, finding something funny, stretching yourself, retreating into yourself. - Author: Banana Yoshimoto
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#4. In a colony constituted like that of New South Wales, the proportion of crime must of course be great. - Author: Charles Sturt
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#5. I happen to find motherhood a very natural state, but I know a lot of other people don't. - Author: Natascha McElhone
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#6. I quit my job and for almost two years I didn't tell anyone, not even my family or friends. And for those two years I enrolled in acting classes. I acted in some capacity every single day. - Author: Jay Ellis
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#7. Palindrome as well. My sister's name is Hannah. Father liked word games. He was fourteen times World Scrabble Champion. When he died, we buried him at Queenzieburn to make use of the triple word score. - Author: Jasper Fforde
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#8. ATTENTION ALL AUTHORS: Be very careful who you give acknowledgement to in your books. Reason: That acknowledgement is in permanent, ink and they are forever associated with you, that book and your name. -Word to the Wi - Author: Anita R. Sneed-Carter
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#9. Shut up and write! The world does not need to know the progress of your
writing every 5 minutes. - Author: Primadonna Angela
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#10. We need to fix this. It hasn't been done yet because there's still a reluctance to admit that there was even a problem - anywhere above seven rogue soldiers who got out of control on the night shift. - Author: Janis Karpinski
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#11. He's been hung up on a one-night-stand he had five years ago with a girl that smelled like Cocoa Puffs. - Author: Tara Sivec
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#12. I stop stretching and face him, unwilling to back down from this visual standoff. I'm not going to let him perform his little Jedi mind tricks on me, no matter how much I wish I could perform them on him. He's completely unreadable and even more unpredictable. It pisses me off. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#13. Time's a funny thing, bending, warping, stretching, and compressing, all depending on perspective. - Author: Lisa Genova
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#14. You must realize you are not the doer, that you are not the action. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#15. Screw sharks; a Transformer could be stretching up on its tippy toes and would still have a mile of cover to eat me. - Author: Emma McLaughlin
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#16. You wait and wait, you get used to waiting. But when your time comes, you must not miss it. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
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#17. The Mormons even baptized Anne Frank. It took Ernest Michel, then chairman of the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, three years to get Mormons to agree to stop proxy-baptizing Holocaust victims. - Author: Maureen Dowd
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#18. I will not be concerned at other men's not knowing me; I will be concerned at my own want of ability. - Author: Confucius
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#19. It is no coincidence that "aspiration" means both hope and the act of breathing. - Author: Ted Chiang
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