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#1. I absolutely believe the past had its share of warrior women who fought like men. Whether some of these were the actual Amazons from Greek myth is another matter. - Author: Anne Fortier
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#2. I felt for my crime a just terror; I looked on my life with hate, and my passion with horror. - Author: Jean Racine
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#3. I usually doze off between 7:30 and 9 p.m. while putting my baby to sleep. Then I suddenly wake up remembering I'm an adult with no bedtime. I spend the next four hours catching up on reading, e-mails, and other adult pursuits until I collapse for good until sunrise. - Author: Padma Lakshmi
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#4. We've all been put to sleep by somebody who's told us all these wonderful facts that didn't matter because information without emotion is not retained. - Author: Tony Robbins
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#5. The Word of God is the universal and invisible Light, cognizable by the senses, that emits its blaze in the Sun, Moon, Planets, and other Stars. - Author: Albert Pike
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#6. You can sleep with a gun, but when you gonna wake up and fight for yourself? - Author: Shinedown
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#7. Men are infinitely malleable. - Author: George Orwell
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#8. The objective tendency of the Enlightenment, to wipe out the power of images over man, is not matched by any subjective progress on the part of enlightened thinking towards freedom from images. - Author: Theodor Adorno
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#9. And so it went, sand piling up to the heavens and homes sinking toward hell. - Author: Hugh Howey
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#10. Sometimes my dream seems the stupidest thing in the world. Sometimes it is a secret treasure in my pocket - Author: Anya Parrish
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#11. I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. Look at this life - all mystery and magic. - Author: Harry Houdini
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#12. There are always going to be people who are experts in security or end-user devices or collaboration or databases. That's not going to go away. But what's the reason all of these professions come together? To help the business transform itself. - Author: Satya Nadella
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#13. Teach the children! It is painting in fresco. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#14. Imagination belongs to hope. It's the creative dance of possibility. - Author: Sharon Weil
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#15. I like everything. Boyish girls, girlish boys, the heavy and the skinny. Which is a problem when I'm walking down the street. - Author: Angelina Jolie
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