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Top 10 Funny Size Matters Quotes

#1. The British have always made terrible parents. - Author: Rachel Cusk
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#2. An American store is generally a very extensive apartment, handsomely decorated, the roof frequently supported on marble pillars. The owner or clerk is seen seated by his goods, absorbed in the morning paper - probably balancing himself on one leg of his chair, with a spittoon by his side. - Author: Isabella Bird
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#3. Our breath is connected to the air that every being breathes. By breathing consciously, we acknowledge our communion with all of life. - Author: Sharon Gannon
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#4. Train the ears to hear more.
Train the eyes to see more.
Train the hands to do more.
Train the feet to accomplish more.
Train the mind to think more.
Train the heart to feel more.
Train the soul to love more. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#5. If you improve education by teaching for competence, eliminating schooling, and connecting with students, the test scores will improve. - Author: William Glasser
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#6. They fight a war and they don't know what for. Isn't that crazy? How can one man kill another and not really know the reason why he does it, except that the other man wears a different color uniform and speaks a different language? - Author: Michael Morpurgo
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#7. life has it's capacities and it's in-capacities of the distance that it takes us. - Author: Marcelle Hinkson
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#8. If the reader prefers, this book may be regarded as fiction. But there is always the chance that such a book of fiction may throw some light on what has been written as fact. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#9. It is much easier to settle a point than to act on it. - Author: Richard Cecil
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#10. Of course, I have my own limits as to how much game software I can take care of at any one time. - Author: Shigeru Miyamoto
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