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#1. Failure is sucess if we learn from it. - Author: Mario Andretti
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#2. She had me at Sweet Valley High. Gay playfully crosses the borders between pop culture consumer and critic, between serious academic and lighthearted sister-girl, between despair and optimism, between good and bad ... How can you help but love her? - Author: Melissa Harris-Perry
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#3. Life is going to unfold as it should because life always does. - Author: Orlando Bloom
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#4. I was once made honorary mayor of my hometown of Newark, Del. - Author: Tom Douglas
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#5. Cicely Tyson was my inspiration to become an actor. - Author: Viola Davis
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#6. Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. There must be the will to produce a superior thing. - Author: John Ruskin
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#7. She was pure indulgence. Hot, liquid sin. That last piece of delectable chocolate cake you knew you should walk away from, but if you didn't have at least one more taste, life wouldn't be worth living. - Author: Jessica Lee
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#8. We must let our hopes be greater than our fears. - Author: Mike Lofgren
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#9. I'm a private person in many ways. - Author: Peter Dinklage
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#10. The Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2004 helps address the continuing degradation on the broadcast airwaves and helps send a clear message to the broadcast industry that Alabama families, like the rest of American families, have had enough. - Author: Mike Rogers
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#11. I try as much as possible to give you a great basic product and what comes out, I feel, is really amazing. - Author: Jil Sander
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#12. Much of the lifeblood of blogs is search engines - more than half the traffic for most blogs. - Author: Matt Mullenweg
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#13. Patrick shakes his head and we're both on the verge of tears then, like we've finally destroyed each other, finally eaten each other alive. We're never coming back from this; I know it. Both of us have finally gone too far. - Author: Katie Cotugno
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#14. If you don't die screaming in this war, then you're fuckin' doing it wrong. At least I'm fucking doing it right. - Author: Daniel H. Wilson
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