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Top 12 Funny Police Sergeant Quotes

#1. All preceptors should have that kind of genius described by Tacitus, "equal to their business, but not above it;" a patient industry, with competent erudition; a mind depending more on its correctness than its originality, and on its memory rather than on its invention.

Charles Caleb Colton

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#2. Mary thus learns that the Most High has ever borne a Son in his bosom, and that this Son has now chosen her bosom as dwelling-place.

Hans Urs Von Balthasar

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#3. I want you to know what I have told Australia's Parliament in Canberra - what I told General Petraeus in Kabul - what I told President Obama in the Oval Office this week. Australia will stand firm with our ally the United States.

Julia Gillard

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#4. Culture is the tacit agreement to let the means of subsistence disappear behind the purpose of existence.

Karl Kraus

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#5. If you live life so cautiously as to never fail, you end up failing at life itself.

J.S.B. Morse

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#6. Style is really very personal. It's kind of timeless. Style is really about how you put yourself together. It's something very personal.

Nina Garcia

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#7. Live your day and live it well. It's yours whether you want it or not.

Richelle E. Goodrich

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#8. People always ask me, 'What is it that you regret?' And I say, 'nothing, because I could not buy what I've learned.' And I apply those things to my life I learn. And hopefully, hopefully it helps me to be a better human in the future and make better choices.

Katy Perry

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#9. Integrity pays, but not in cash.

Jennifer Stone

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#10. risks. Thus we take it for granted that, when a relationship to a special loved person is endangered, we are not only anxious but are usually angry as well. As responses to the risk of loss, anxiety and anger go hand in hand. It is not for nothing that they have the same etymological root.

John Bowlby

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#11. No matter how flawed someone else may be, that doesn't give us the right to be less than we are, does it? We are decent people and we repay our debts.

Jean Kwok

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#12. You can call me namastunde or surfatunde. Either works.

Baratunde Thurston

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