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#1. God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. - Author: Jacques Deval
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#2. Yeah, I love living in New York, man, and people who live in New York, we wear that fact like a badge right on our sleeve because we know that fact impresses everybody! I was in Vietnam. So what? I live in New York! - Author: Denis Leary
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#3. Dammit. I think I'm in like with the naked man I met today. - Author: R.J. Gonzales
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#4. On quiet nights, when I'm alone, I like to run our wedding video backwards, just to watch myself walk out of the church a free man. - Author: Jim Davidson
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#5. Man is born for uprightness. If a man lose his uprightness and yet live, his escape from death is mere good fortune. - Author: Confucius
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#6. Heaven begat Virtue in me; what can man do unto me? - Author: Confucius
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#7. A man who does not think and plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door. - Author: Confucius
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#8. I'd love to do a comedy. I'd love to do a two-hander like the old Leathal Weapon movies. I love those, like an action comedy with the straight man and the funny man. I'd love to do one of those. Just got to find one, find a funny man that wants to do one with me. - Author: Jason Statham
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#9. I'm a big fan of certain new acts. I love any genre of music, and I think it's really great to see that there are new artists coming through. It's kinda funny to think that I'm like the old man on campus now. But I'm really happy for groups like One Direction. I think they're really good guys. - Author: Joe Jonas
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#10. He is not an ideal husband. I am his wife. - Author: Ljupka Cvetanova
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#11. The man who says his wife can't take a joke, forgets that she took him. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#12. But love had a funny way of giving you faith in the one who loved you back. And nothing was guaranteed in life, neither riches nor health. At the end of the day, you just had to let yourself go ... and the best place to land was in the arms of a good man. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#13. I have no idea why gay men love me, but I would have to assume it's because they know how much I love the gays! Everyone needs a good gay man in their life. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#14. A man is always devoted to something more tangible than a woman - the idea of her. - Author: Bauvard
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#15. What's a TH?"
"A Traffic Hazard," Heeb clarified.
"Oh you mean because the woman is so hot she'll take your eyes off the road?" Narc confirmed.
"Exactly. - Author: Zack Love
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#16. This city has so many beautiful women. I fall in love like every ten minutes, I'm sitting on the subway, I'm like, "There's my wife ... there she is - oh, she's getting off. All right, there's the woman - all right, that's a man." - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#17. I love the script and I just thought it was a great role. Like I say, it's like this - the script is like this sad, funny, desperate love song to the lost American man. - Author: Oliver Platt
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#18. I tell girls all the time that the men that have fallen in love with me, have all fallen during a man repeller stage ... funny how life works out like that. - Author: Rachel Roy
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#19. Her mouth set. "I've already lost one man I loved tonight. I will not lose the other." She glared at him. "And curse you, you stone head, for making me say it first. - Author: Patrick W. Carr
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#20. Hey, if having a beautiful, smart, funny, talented man love me unconditionally for the rest of my life makes me a victim, then that's what I am. - Author: Victoria Denault
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#21. You cannot expect a man to love you, but not because of your body or physical construction. It is like giving a man the option between choosing you and a monkey. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
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#22. It's not all about love. That's half of it ... The other half is about that moment you have with yourself when you're looking in the mirror, and you just go, 'Oh man. I'm going to compromise my dreams, get fat, sick, old and die someday. I kind of want to have someone around for that.' - Author: Marc Maron
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#23. Then there was a man who said, 'I never knew what real happiness was until I got married; by then it was too late' - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#24. A doctor says to a man, "You want to improve your love life? You need to get some exercise. Run ten miles a day." Two weeks later, the man called the doctor. The doctor says, "How is your love life since you have been running?" "I don't know, I'm 140 miles away!" - Author: Henny Youngman
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#25. A Polish man had his vasectomy done at Sears. Now when he makes love, the garage door goes up. - Author: Henny Youngman
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#26. Oh God, I've unleashed a monster, haven't I?"
"Nope. Just a red-blooded man, darlin'. - Author: Leah Braemel
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#27. The man you're going to marry should be like a brick: strong, sturdy, supportive and almost always hard in your presence. - Author: Nicole McKay
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#28. I judge how much a man cares for a woman by the space he allots her under a jointly shared umbrella. - Author: Jimmy Cannon
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#29. Audrey turned to him, a sly little spark hiding in her eyes. "THe only man who gets to call me'love' would be waking up next to me after a very, very fun night.
Fun night. Oh yes.
"Guess what?" She leaned closer. "You will never be that man. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#30. I don't trust tragedies much. It's easy to make a person sad by showing him something tragic. We all recognize when sad things happen: someone dies, someone loses a loved one, young love is crushed. It's much harder to make a man laugh-what's funny to one person isn't funny to another. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#31. It may sound funny, but I love the South. I don't choose to live anywhere else. There's land here, where a man can raise cattle, and I'm going to do it some day. - Author: Medgar Evers
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#32. Normally I'd run off in the other direction when faced with a man wearing what were essentially pyjamas to work, but this time ... well, they matched my boxers. - Author: Josephine Myles
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#33. I ... have an unnatural fondness for him, Duchess. One might even say that I love him. As a man should love a woman, really."
"Well, I would imagine the mechanics of that would be different. - Author: Rhys Ford
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#34. Are you real?" Stupid. Of course he's real.
"Yes, Julie. I'm not the mystical man from your dreams. - Author: Caroline George
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#35. Love's a funny thing, especially with a man who gets paid to put junk in other people's slots. (The Mail Man) - Author: Andrew Sturm
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#36. Dad was the first man I fell in love with. He was a very funny man. He grew up in the East End of London and was very dynamic, and I understood why my mother fell in love with him. - Author: Patsy Kensit
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#37. Do not cry for me, Azrael. Do not waste your tears. You made your decision. And this is mine. Sacrifice seems to be my destiny. A funny thing for a selfish man, isn't it? They always called me weak back then ... - Author: Melissa De La Cruz
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#38. All of my books have an element of a man who is in love with somebody and needs them desperately, not just for procreation but for being able to fully unbosom himself. He only feels comfortable discussing things with women. Which is funny, because 80 percent of readers are women! - Author: Gary Shteyngart
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#39. Fuck it ... That's really the attitude that keeps a family together, it's not "we love each other", it's just "fuck it, man. - Author: Louis C.K.
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#40. She said yes. If only she didn't talk so much! - Author: Ljupka Cvetanova
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#41. Happy is the man with a wife to tell him what to do and a secretary to do it. - Author: Benjamin Mancroft, 3rd Baron Mancroft
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#42. When a man is in love or in debt, someone else has the advantage. - Author: Bill Ballance
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#43. A man should be more original than a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates. Flowers die and sugar sticks to your hips like a permanent record to a criminal. - Author: Dannika Dark
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#44. I realized I was gay in the shower one day with Barbra Streisand. It happened while I was lathering, rinsing, and repeating with Pert Plus. As I was belting out the chorus to my favorite song from 'Funny Girl,' 'Oh my man, I love him so, he'll never know ... ' it hit me. - Author: Ross Mathews
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#45. Love is the emotion that a woman feels always for a poodle dog and sometimes for a man. - Author: George Jean Nathan
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#46. I love that magazine, man - Victoria's Secret - and it comes, like, every three hours. - Author: Adam Ferrara
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