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Top 11 Funny Irish Pub Quotes

#1. Why would any man not want to kiss your sweet lips? - Author: Chrys Fey
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#2. See, when the GOVERNMENT spends money, it creates jobs; whereas when the money is left in the hands of TAXPAYERS, God only knows what they do with it. Bake it into pies, probably. Anything to avoid creating jobs. - Author: Dave Barry
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#3. The human worker will go the way of the horse. - Author: Wassily Leontief
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#4. I kiss your heart because those before me have scarred it. - Author: Kevin Fuller
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#5. [Y]ou will understand the game behind the curtain too well not to perceive the old trick of turning every contingency into a resource for accumulating force in the government. - Author: James Madison
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#6. There's no point in comforting words, in telling her she'll be all right. She's no fool. Her hand reaches out and I clutch it like a lifeline. As if it's me who's dying instead of Rue. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#7. Information overload is a symptom of our desire to not focus on what's important. It is a choice. - Author: Brian Solis
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#8. I think a goal is a goal and not all my goals are pretty. - Author: Alex Morgan
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#9. All this from one kiss. If we ever make love, I'm going to need a week to recover. - Author: Sarah Addison Allen
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#10. Sorry for her loss. And he had hugged her. Like he knew what she was holding inside, this secret grief that had hardened where her hidden love once lay. - Author: Hugh Howey
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#11. [God] does not bind the ancient folk to outward doctrine as if they were learning their ABC's. - Author: John Calvin
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