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#1. I have never supported legalization, and I do not intend to support legalization. - Author: Ted Cruz
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#2. So I flirt with disaster once or twice. Who doesn't?"
He snorted. "You don't just flirt with disaster, you have intercourse with it. - Author: Dannika Dark
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#3. We know that leadership is very much related to change. As the pace of change accelerates, there is naturally a greater need for effective leadership. - Author: John P. Kotter
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#4. To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also. - Author: Igor Stravinsky
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#5. Sin leads to wickedness and to hearts that become hardened to things of the Spirit. - Author: Joseph B. Wirthlin
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#6. I love my life because a part of me has learned how to give up hope, and that, I suspect, is a dangerous lesson to unlearn. - Author: Joel Derfner
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#7. Clearly in textbook terms, the gentleman should text the lady first after intercourse, but perhaps the whole socio-etiquettical system breaks down when an insect plague is involved. - Author: Helen Fielding
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#8. My dick's wisdom impeded my ability to have meaningless intercourse. - Author: John Duover
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#9. Sooner could a fish live upon a tree than the wicked in Paradise. - Author: Kevin DeYoung
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#10. I drank to be funny, or sexy. I drank because I was afraid or happy or sad, and I drank for anything that required emotional commitment ... I had chosen a profession that thrives on insecurity, and is never far from some source of social intercourse that involves alcohol or drugs. - Author: Lynda Bellingham
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#11. Running out of energy in the long run is not the problem ... The bind comes during the next 10 years: getting over our dependence on crude oil. - Author: Kenneth S. Deffeyes
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#12. I sure wasn't going to ask Aunt Sally, because if she told me once that getting your period was like a moth becoming a butterfly, she'd probably say that sexual intercourse was like a deer getting antlers or something. - Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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#13. History is the open Bible: we historians are not priests to expound it infallibly: our function is to teach people to read it and to reflect upon it for themselves. - Author: G. M. Trevelyan
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#14. Nobody belongs to that world ... Nobody feels as if they belong, at any rate. They're all watching each other
fearful of the laughter coming from across the room, wondering to themselves, are they the target? Are they the joke? - Author: Meredith Duran
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#15. The Old Powers of earth are not for men to use. They were never given into our hands, and in our hands they work only ruin. Ill means, ill end. I was not drawn here, but driven here, and the force that drove me works to my undoing. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#16. What if I was the sexual equivalent of popcorn? Suitable for light snacking only? - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#17. If you have intercourse you run the risk of dying and the ramifications of death are final. - Author: Cyndi Lauper
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#18. All unnatural unions which are not hallowed by love are prostitution. - Author: Emma Goldman
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#19. Sometimes it is the emotional experience of film and television that bring a cause to our hearts and stir us to action - they inform and inspire. - Author: Lee Hirsch
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#20. Sexual intercourse is a grossly overrated pastime; the position is undignified, the pleasure momentary and the consequences damnable. - Author: Lord Chesterfield
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#21. Benazir Bhutto was an inspirational leader and an inspirational woman. - Author: Malala Yousafzai
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