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Top 17 Funny Immigrant Quotes

#1. Using no way as way. Having no limitation as your only limitation. - Author: Bruce Lee
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#2. One would think wisdom brings one to err less, but logic dictates that wisdom is more often gained through our errors than through those choices which meet with simple conclusions. - Author: Melissa McPhail
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#3. I had always thought of my vagina as an anatomical vacuum randomly sucking up particles and objects from the surrounding environment. - Author: Eve Ensler
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#4. I do have very deep, fond memories of my family in Mexico City, but I also remember feeling funny for not speaking English - I was basically an immigrant. But I picked up the language fast and soon I knew that I wanted to be a writer. - Author: Louis C.K.
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#5. The European style of living is seductive: fewer hours worked, more hours at the cafe, less concern over self-betterment. But that style of living does not produce a purposeful life. - Author: Ben Shapiro
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#6. I was raised by extremely strict - but also extremely loving - Chinese immigrant parents, and I had the most wonderful childhood! I remember laughing constantly with my parents - my dad is a real character and very funny. I certainly did wish they allowed to me do more things! - Author: Amy Chua
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#7. I have kiddingly called it the 'Super Bowl,' which obviously can be improved upon. - Author: Lamar Hunt
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#8. The anger that Uncle Junior has comes from my background. My father was the son of an Italian immigrant, and I've seen the fire of the Italian temperament. It can be explosive sometimes in ways that are both funny and tragic. - Author: Dominic Chianese
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#9. Money is the sinews of love, as of war. - Author: George Farquhar
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#10. I was so shy and so quiet, and the only time I had my own voice and I could really connect with people was when I was singing or on stage. - Author: Emeli Sande
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#11. Now we have technology where we can modify the genomics of individuals by gene transfer and genetic meddling, we may find that people will want to modify their children, enhance their intelligence, their strength and their beauty and all the other so-called desirable characteristics. - Author: Robert Winston
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#12. The other problem is redundancy isn't a bug, it's a feature. - Author: Mark Rosenfelder
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#13. Comedy is still alive, and there are still funny people. Jews are still overrepresented in comedy and psychiatry and underrepresented in the priesthood. That immigrant Jewish humor is still with us. - Author: Robert Klein
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#14. You will fail. That's great. Here's a secret for you - that's the only way you can learn. Learning has to cost you something. If you fail but learn something from your failure, you will grow. - Author: Stella Adler
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#15. Humor has historically been tied to the mores of the day. The Yellow Kid was predicated on what people thought was funny about the immigrant Irish. When you're different in a society, you're funny. - Author: Will Eisner
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#16. Pride is a powerful narcotic, but it doesn't do much for the auto-immune system. - Author: Stuart Stevens
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#17. In science, time is the real obstacle. Given unlimited time, everyone can learn all the secrets of the universe. - Author: Mai Jia
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