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Top 13 Funny Happy Times Quotes

#1. Happy Valentine's Day! And if this is news to you, my guess is you're probably alone. Valentine's Day is often times a, well, it's a manufactured day that really doesn't mean anything. - Author: Jon Stewart
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#2. If you're fighting with your boyfriend, you can go to the movies and cry it out and leave happy because the ending of the film is happy. - Author: Lindsay Lohan
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#3. The habit of arguing in support of atheism, whether it be done from conviction or in pretense, is a wicked and impious practice. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#4. I care about politics, but I have a tough time making comedy out of it. I was so happy to have a chance to be on The Daily Show, and I think Jon Stewart's so funny ... but mostly in my own comedy, I care about less relevant things. - Author: Demetri Martin
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#5. My early films were very European based. It was 'As It Is In Heaven,' 'Together,' they were great international successes, but then I did, I think, 60 movies or something. - Author: Michael Nyqvist
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#6. I always had this New York fantasy of living in a glass high-rise. - Author: Nate Berkus
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#7. Things that go on at Happy Times are very funny this year, and if you were watching last year, some of the people you saw then as basically extras emerge as real characters in their own right this season, at least to some degree. - Author: Ellen Muth
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#8. In the happy scenes there were really fun times. Sean would say really funny stuff because he likes to improv. I would want to laugh, but you are not allowed to do that during the take. - Author: Dakota Fanning
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#9. I would think if someone connected to steroids made the Hall of Fame, that would enhance my chances of making the Hall of Fame. - Author: Pete Rose
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#10. I'm sure everyone's got their back story. I don't come from a place of where I was tortured and needed to let something out. I came from a very happy home. I was a little out of control at times. But my family ... we all liked to be funny, we all liked to make each other laugh. - Author: Adam Sandler
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#11. Our driver policy was partly dictated by who was available because of other contracts. - Author: John Surtees
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#12. Trivial," he echoed. "Perhaps. Then again, maybe it's all in the way you look at it - Author: Robert Bloch
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#13. Funny how easily we forget the good times while the nightmares haunt us. Guess that's a survival mechanism. We're not here to be happy; we're just here to be here. I - Author: Hugh Howey
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