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#1. Whenever you move, I think you lose your history. - Author: Calista Flockhart
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#2. For any politician who didn't enter office a wealthy man, nothing says 'I take bribes' like a Rolex watch. - Author: Timothy Noah
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#3. Through my years as a writer, I've learnt how to simplify the message and pen songs that have a more specific quality - it's not just about my ego and trying to meet girls. - Author: Jason Mraz
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#4. These moments of immersion, of engagement, of clear focus - moments that can last for hours, occasionally days - are some of the best times of our lives. - Author: Eric Greitens
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#5. Despite everything you've tried over the years, isn't it a fact that your mind still produces unpleasant pictures? - Author: Russ Harris
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#6. In our community, we have a duty to strengthen the weakest among us to build a better society. - Author: Bill Courtney
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#7. Ireland?" "Small wet place across the Irish Sea," Barry offered kindly. "Where they drink a lot?" Lisa said faintly. "And they never stop talking. That's the place. - Author: Marian Keyes
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#8. Wrinkled women lifting their faces, chasing their youth.
Fat men sucking in bellies.
Poor folks putting on airs.
Sinners acting like saints.
All of us keeping pace with our companions, stepping lively in this dance of deceit. - Author: Philip Gulley
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#9. Sex is for anyone; the aftermath is for lovers. - Author: Harlan Coben
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#10. The Health and Human Services preventive services mandate forces businesses to provide the morning-after and the week-after pills in our health insurance plans. - Author: David Green
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#11. I don't want our country to be taken away from us, and that's what's happening. The policies that we've suffered under other presidents have been a disaster for our country. We want to make America great again. - Author: Donald Trump
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#12. A wielder of words is a wielder of power. - Author: Dyrk Ashton
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#13. Anyone who says he is not emotional is not getting what he should out of life. - Author: Ezer Weizman
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#14. God bless us everyone
We're a broken people living under loaded gun
And it can't be outfoght
It can't be outdone
It can't out matched
It can't be outrun
No - Author: Linkin Park
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#15. Although words exist for the most part for the transmission of ideas, there are some which produce such violent disturbance in our feelings that the role they play in the transmission of ideas is lost in the background. - Author: Albert Einstein
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