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#1. The human animal needs a freedom seldom mentioned, freedom from intrusion. He needs a little privacy as much as he wants understanding or vitamins or exercise or praise. - Author: Phyllis McGinley
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#2. Rebecca! she who could prefer death to dishonor must have a proud and powerful soul! - Author: Walter Scott
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#3. Religion looms as large as an elephant in the United States, to the point that being nonreligious is about the biggest handicap a politician running for office can have, bigger than being gay, unmarried, thrice married, or black. - Author: Frans De Waal
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#4. Muses had a way of killing those whom they inspired. - Author: Katherine Neville
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#5. My disorder has been attended with several symptoms of a consumption; and I have been at times apprehensive that my great change was at hand: yet blessed be God, I have never been affrighted; but, on the contrary, at times much delighted with a view of its approach. - Author: David Brainerd
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#6. Gift ain't what you take by effort,
as swag ain't what you worthy have. - Author: Toba Beta
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#7. I think that if you just write your characters you end up with something that people can access. - Author: Ayana Mathis
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#8. A lot of people measure a man by what he's got. I've decided to measure myself by what I can give up. - Author: Geoff Nicholson
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#9. There is a kind of faith that is based on what you see, and there is another kind of faith that Abraham exercised. - Author: Olusola A. Areogun
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#10. But I need a ride back to town," Grace called after them. "You're not getting a ride back to town, woman. You're married!" Daniel might as well have been a cougar trapped in this cave with her. She'd have felt no safer. "I'm what? - Author: Mary Connealy
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#11. The things that cannot be talked about logically are the only ones which are truly important. - Author: Apostolos Doxiadis
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#12. It is important for you to understand your purpose for living on planet earth - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#13. The drinking of wine seems to me to have a moral edge over many pleasures and hobbies in that it promotes love of one's neighbor. - Author: Clifton Fadiman
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